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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I thought Campus Horizons was just about the proposed Maindy Park development?

    No, it is much wider than that. Maindy Park is planned be a crucial element of the University’s research infrastructure. However, there will be new developments on the Heath and Cathays sites. This will free up space in existing buildings for new facilities and there will be an ambitious rolling programme of refurbishment and upgrades. Meanwhile, the Modern Working Environment will transform the virtual infrastructure. Every member of the University should find their environment improved by this programme.

  • As a member of staff, how will it help me?

    Campus Horizons intends to create more spaces for new and interactive ways of working. There will be more wet and dry laboratories and write-up space. The Modern Working Environment will improve rapid access to, and sharing of, knowledge. Beyond that, developments like Maindy Park have been designed with meeting and networking areas built in. This should promote engagement with staff and students from other fields and, in time, lead to the development of new interdisciplinary projects.

  • I am a student. How will Campus Horizons benefit me?

    Many of the new facilities are designed specifically with students in mind. The new Cochrane Building, for example, will have library and seminar space and create a “home area” for healthcare students on the Heath Park campus. The new Biosciences extension will contain services for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The Maindy Park proposals will help the University attract the best postgraduates with a range of facilities to develop their research skills. The new spaces will enable greater opportunities for discussion with teaching staff, both physically and online, through the Modern Working Environment.

  • Why is Campus Horizons good for the wider community?

    Cardiff University is Wales’ foremost University and the Campus Horizons programme will consolidate its position among the leading institutions in the world. The Maindy Park development and many of the other capital projects will bring economic benefits, both through the construction phase and then as major players in the knowledge economy. Maindy Park, in particular, should help regenerate the area and be a flagship development all Wales can be proud of. There will also be greater opportunities to get involved with the University, through exhibitions, discussions and talks.

  • Why is the University taking on such a major project when the UK economy is in trouble?

    The University has been funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales for a Capital Investment Strategy over the next five years. It has also secured around £14M from the UK Government which must be spent on capital projects in the next few years, or there is a risk of not securing further funding in the future. The University believes that learning and research are in themselves major economic drivers and will help the overall recovery in the UK.