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Gateway Building

The Gateway Building is intended as the first development on the Maindy Park site. It would be opposite the present School of Optometry. Internally and externally, it would be a showcase for the very best of Cardiff University. It would also act as a “front door” to the rest of the Maindy Park campus.

A prestige, high-quality development of around 10,000 square metres, the Gateway would be a home for established University research centres and help launch new ones. Laboratories would have highly sophisticated facilities, as would the associated write-up space. There would be meeting an interaction space to promote interdisciplinary collaboration. The central public atrium would be used for exhibitions and demonstrations of University research. The Information Services directorate would provide advanced services to support the building’s research community.

The design of the building is to be developed in consultation with staff, students, the local community and Cardiff Council. The University hopes to put in a planning application shortly and, if permission is granted, to have the building open in 2012.