Who we work with

We maximise the impact of our research by actively working with organisations of every size, from early stage fledgling start-up companies to large global corporations, not-for-profit and public organisations.

Working with industry across the whole of the UK, we encourage, support and develop innovation. We work to build strong and effective relationships across government and the public sector. We seek out new knowledge and understanding, and work to ensure that it is applied for the widest possible benefit.

These case studies are just a few examples of our collaborative activities:

BBC logo on a window

Regional impact

Reshaping the BBC's news agenda.

Ultravision box used in surgery to remove surgical smoke.

Healthcare innovation

Working with Ultravision for a clearer view during surgery.

Group of people, some in medical uniform, standing looking at the camera. The Porta-Gantry machine is around and above them, and the Queen's Award bowl on a table in front of the group.

Engineering innovation

Award-winning Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Reid Lifting.


Business Development team