Economics seminars and workshops

We run a regular programme of seminars for staff, students and the wider public.

The session-specific times and rooms are stated within the table, but typically our Wednesday seminars are from 16:00 to 17:30 and Friday workshops from 13:00 to 14:30. Both are held in 2.01 in the Postgraduate Teaching Centre.

Please note that any late changes or cancellations are announced by email to those on our distribution list. For further information, please contact Dr Lena Sheveleva.

22/09/201713:00Ruthira Naraidoo (University of Pretoria), to be held in room E48.International Consumption Risk Sharing and Transaction Costs
29/09/201713:00Woon Wong (Cardiff Business School)Liquidity Variation and Stock Market Returns
04/10/201716:00Francesca Cornelli (London Business School)Team Stability and Performance: Evidence from Private Equity
06/10/201713:00Zhirong Ou (Cardiff Business School)What determines China's housing price dynamics? New evidence from a DSGE-VAR
11/10/201716:00Olga Gorelkina (University of Liverpool)Selling Money on eBay: A Field Study of Surplus Division
13/10/201713:00Sergey Popov (Cardiff Business School)Editors Influence Topics of Papers Published in AER
18/10/201716:00George Bratsiotis (University of Manchester)Liquidity Regulation, Monetary Policy and Welfare
20/10/201713:00Huw Dixon (Cardiff Business School)The Cross-sectional Distribution Across Prices: Some New Inferences on the Survival Analysis with Panel Data on prices
25/10/201716:00Inigo Iturbe  (University of Alicante)Schooling and Adult Health: Can Education Overcome Bad Early-Life Conditions?
27/10/201713:00Timothy Jackson (Cardiff Business School)Banks as Potentially Crooked Secret-Keepers
01/11/201716:00Herve Moulin (University of Glasgow)Fair Mixture of Public Outcomes
03/11/201713:00Michael Arghyrou (Cardiff Business School)“Whatever it takes” to resolve the European sovereign debt crisis? Bond pricing regime switches and monetary policy effects
08/11/201716:00Subhasish M. Chowdhury (Bath University)Born this Way? Prenatal Exposure to Testosterone May Determine Conflict Behaviour
10/11/201713:00Anna Kochanova (Cardiff University)Minds for the Market: Non-Cognitive Skills in Post-Soviet Countries
15/11/201716:00Jan Zapal (CERGE-EI)A Model of Focusing in Political Choice
17/11/201713:00Patrick W. Saart (Cardiff Business School)Functional Data Analysis of Correlation Dynamics
22/11/201716:00Nicola Pavoni (University of Bocconi)TBA
24/11/201713:00John Ashton (Bangor)TBA
29/11/201716:00Colin Green (Lancaster University)The Effect of Far Right Parties on the Location Choice of Immigrants: Evidence from Lega Nord Mayors
01/12/201713:00James Foreman-Peck (Cardiff Business School)Devolving Fiscal Policy: Migration and Tax Yields, with Peng Zhou
06/12/201716:00Brian Bell (Kings College London)Pension Shocks and Wages
08/12/201713:00Calvin Jones (Cardiff University)The Welsh Economy in 2017 (with Annette Roberts and Max Munday)
31/01/201816:00Gabriel Felbermayr (CESifo Group Munich)Undoing Europe in a New Quantitative Trade Model
02/02/201813:00Woon Sau Leung (Cardiff Business School)Does Unionization Affect Supply Chain Partners’ Performance?
07/02/201816:00Erin Hengel (University of Liverpool)Publishing while female
09/02/201813:00Xiaoliang Yang (Cardiff Business School)A heterogeneous-agent model of growth and inequality for the UK
14/02/201816:00Tiago Cavalcanti (Cambridge University)Dispersing in Financial Costs and Development
21/02/201816:00Alessandro Iaria (University of Bristol)Preference Estimation with Unobserved Choice Set Heterogeneity using Sufficient Sets
23/02/201813:00Xue Dong (Cardiff Business School)How important is the currency-risk taking channel for the UK economy?
28/02/201816:00David Kang (Lancaster University)Inference in Nonparametric Series Estimation with Specification Searches for the Number of Series Terms
02/03/201813:00Vo Phuong Mai Le (Cardiff Business School)Financial stability: To Regulate or Not? A public choice inquiry
07/03/201816:00Konstantinos Theodoridis (Cardiff Business School)International Term Structures and their Monetary Policy Implications
09/03/201813:00Andreas Tsopanakis (Cardiff Business School)The Financial Connectedness between Eurozone Core and Periphery: A Disaggregated View
14/03/201816:00Aleksei Parakhonyak (Oxford University)Inducing Herding with Capacity Constraints
16/03/201813:00Alexis Antoniades (Georgetown University in Qatar)Distribution as Expenditure
21/03/201816:00Marek Raczko (Bank of England)Measuring Financial Cycle Time
23/03/201813:00Takashi Kunimoto (Singapore Management University)Getting Dynamic Implementation to Work
18/04/201816:00Thomas Triebs (Loughborough University)Learning to Forecast Business Conditions - Evidence from German Reunification
20/04/201813:00Luis Pinheiro de Matos (Cardiff Business School)Fiscal Federalism and Tax Competition: a Double-Edged Sword
25/04/201816:00Jonathan Williams (Bangor)Bank Stability and Executive Pay Gaps in Banking
27/04/201813:00Guangjie Li (Cardiff Business School)A Jacobian Approach to Solve the Incidental Parameter Problem
02/05/201816:00Margaret Meyer (Oxford)Gaming and Strategic Opacity in Incentive Provision: Theory and Experimental Evidence
04/05/201813:00Asma Mobarek (Cardiff Business School)Boardroom Quality and Stock Return Synchronicity
09/05/201816:00Peter Neary (Oxford)Sales and Markup Dispersion: Theory and Empirics
11/05/201813:00Woon Wong (Cardiff Business School)The Phantom Deficits of USS Pension
16/05/201816:00Zhuoqiong Chen (Harbin Institute of Technology at Shenzhen)Persistent bias in advice-giving
23/05/201816:00Wojtek Paczos (Cardiff Business School)Foreign Banks and The Bank Lending Channel
30/05/201816:00Dan Bernhardt (University of Warwick and University of Illinois)The Pied Piper of Pensioners
11/06/201816:00Arijit Sen (Indian Institute of Management Calcutta)TBA