Economics seminars and workshops

We run a regular programme of seminars for staff, students and the wider public.

The session-specific times and rooms are stated within the table, but typically our Wednesday seminars are from 16:00 to 17:30 and Friday workshops from 13:00 to 14:30. Both are held in 2.01 in the Postgraduate Teaching Centre.

Please note that any late changes or cancellations are announced by email to those on our distribution list. For further information, please contact Dr Lena Sheveleva.

22/09/201713:00Ruthira Naraidoo (University of Pretoria), to be held in room E48.International Consumption Risk Sharing and Transaction Costs
29/09/201713:00Woon Wong (Cardiff Business School)Liquidity Variation and Stock Market Returns
04/10/201716:00Francesca Cornelli (London Business School)TBA
06/10/201713:00Zhirong Ou (Cardiff Business School)TBA
11/10/201716:00Olga Gorelkina (University of Liverpool)Selling Money on eBay: A Field Study of Surplus Division
13/10/201713:00Sergey Popov (Cardiff Business School)Editors Influence Topics of Papers Published in AER
18/10/201716:00George Bratsiotis (University of Manchester)TBA
20/10/201713:00Huw Dixon (Cardiff Business School)The Cross-sectional Distribution Across Prices: Some New Inferences on the Survival Analysis with Panel Data on prices
25/10/201716:00Inigo Iturbe  (University of Alicante)TBA
01/11/201716:00Herve Moulin (University of Glasgow)TBA
03/11/201713:00Michael Arghyrou (Cardiff Business School)TBA
08/11/201716:00Subhasish M. Chowdhury (Bath University)TBA
15/11/201716:00Jan Zapal (CERGE-EI)TBA
17/11/201713:00John Ashton (Bangor)TBA
22/11/201716:00Nicola Pavoni (University of Bocconi)TBA
29/11/201716:00Colin Green (Lancaster University)TBA
01/12/201713:00Evi Pappa (European University Institute)TBA
06/12/201716:00Brian Bell (Kings College London)TBA
31/01/201816:00Gabriel Felbermayr (CESifo Group Munich)TBA
02/05/201816:00Margaret Meyer (Oxford)TBA
09/05/201816:00Peter Neary (Oxford)TBA
11/05/201813:00Nattavudh Powdthavee (Warwick Business School)TBA