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Professor Dylan Jones

Pro Vice-Chancellor, College of Biomedical and Life Sciences
Professor Dylan Jones

  • Overall management and leadership of the College including setting the overall strategy and direction of the College
  • Promoting the academic values, including research and education, of the College with overall responsibility for academic performance of the College
  • Control, allocation and accounting for the financial, human, physical and other resources of the College

Tel: 02920 870659
Email: Please contact via The College Admin Team, bls@cardiff.ac.uk

College Board

The College Board provides executive leadership to the Schools in the College, assisting Professor Jones in matters relating to College strategy, policy, resources, performance and academic activities. It is also empowered to make recommendations to the College Pro Vice-Chancellor. The College Board meets fortnightly, to help drive the College in its ambition to be a world-leading centre of academic excellence.

Dianne Watkins

College Dean for International
Dr. Dianne Watkins

Tel: 02920 687776
Email: watkinssd@cf.ac.uk

Paul Dummer

College Dean for Education and Students
Professor Paul Dummer

Tel: 02920 742479
Email: dummer@cardiff.ac.uk

Malcolm Mason

College Dean for Research
Professor Malcolm Mason

Tel: 02920 316964
Email: masonmd@cardiff.ac.uk

Claire Morgan

Associate Dean for Quality and Standards
Claire Morgan

Tel: 02920 688648
Email: morgancl2@cardiff.ac.uk

Carolyn Donoghue

Carolyn Donoghue

  • As the College's senior non-academic officer, responsible for ensuring the delivery of effective support for the College's activities, working closely with colleagues both within the constituent schools and the professional services departments
  • Working closely with the College Pro Vice-Chancellor and with the College Board to contribute to the development and delivery of the College's Strategy
  • Oversight of financial resources, working with the College Senior Management Accountant to ensure the financial sustainability of the College's activities

Tel: 02920 688652
Email: donoghuec1@cardiff.ac.uk

Richard Thomas

Mr Richard Thomas
Senior Management Accountant

  • Leads on all financial matters relating to the College including providing timely information and advice to the College Pro Vice-Chancellor, College Registrar, College Board and the University's Director of Finance.
  • Contributes to the strategic planning of the College by advising on financial budgeting, management and control.
  • Analyses and comments on key financial data for all of the schools within the College on a regular and timely manner and reports the findings to College Board.
  • Provides financial expertise in developing business cases for major projects and initiatives within the College and monitors the financial aspects of their execution.

Tel: 02920 688651
Email: thomasr7@cardiff.ac.uk

Sam Clark

Sam Clark
Human Resources Business Partner

  • Provide strategic and operational HR advice and guidance to the College Pro Vice-Chancellor, College Registrar and Heads of School
  • Provide a high quality and professional HR service in the College
  • Develop and deliver local HR strategies, plans and activities aligned with the College and University vision and the University's People Strategy
  • Work in partnership with senior managers in the College in shaping, guiding and delivering effective change management and increased performance

Tel: 02920 688653
Email: clarks8@cardiff.ac.uk

Clare Davies

Clare Davies
IT Business Partner

  • Provide strategic and operational IT advice and guidance to the College Pro Vice-Chancellor, College Registrar and Heads of School
  • Provide high-level, contextualised and broad-ranging advice and support about technology strategies, IT enabled change initiatives and operational IT service delivery, so that the College obtains maximum value from IT Services
  • Serve as a chief liaison between IT Services and the College/Schools in developing integrated business and technology investment roadmaps that achieve University and College/School goals and objectives

Email: daviesce2@cardiff.ac.uk

Lizanne Duckworth

Lizanne Duckworth
Planning Business Partner

  • Senior Planning Officer in the Planning Division's Information and Analysis team, with specific responsibility for co-ordinating student number planning and supporting the University's Planning, Budgeting and Performance review processes
  • Provide dedicated support for the College of Biomedical & Life Sciences as its Planning College Business Partner
  • Undertake research and analysis for various University policy-making and advisory bodies, contributing to the further development and implementation of University strategy

Tel: 02920 870448
Email: duckworthl@cardiff.ac.uk

Jeff White

Kerry Hood
Interim Clinical Trials Director, CTU

Tel: 02920 687163
Email: hoodk1@cardiff.ac.uk

Jeff White

Jeff White
College Management Accountant

  • Assisting the Senior Management Accountant with financial reporting for College Board, including planning, forecasting and monitoring of expenditure
  • Liaising with Schools to provide a full management accounting service, including budget setting, monitoring and control
  • Developing and maintaining accounting systems, reports and procedures across the College

Tel: 02920 687562
Email: whitejc1@cardiff.ac.uk

Greg England

Greg England
Head of Communications

  • Provide strategic Marketing and Communications advice and support to senior management of the College of Biomedical and Life Sciences
  • Formulate, develop and deliver the Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy for the College
  • Manage all aspects of stakeholder relations, including internal and external communications, opportunity building, public affairs, press management, and marketing activities at College level
  • Develop an identity for the College as a constituent part of the University whilst preserving and promoting the unique elements of the Academic Schools and the over-arching University brand

Tel: 02920 687786
Email: englandg@cardiff.ac.uk

Manjit Bansal

Manjit Bansal
Operations Manager Education and International

Tel: 02920 688650
Email: bansalm@cardiff.ac.uk

Richard Palmer

Richard Palmer
College Strategic Development Officer

Tel: 02920 688649
Email: palmerrl2@cardiff.ac.uk

Jo Parry

Jo Parry
College Office Manager

Tel: 029 208 79907
Email: parryj7@cardiff.ac.uk

Emma Humphries
College Support Officer

Tel: 029 206 88647
Email: bls@cardiff.ac.uk

Jake George
College Support Officer

Tel: 029 208 70659
Email: bls@cardiff.ac.uk

Kathryn-Ann Slade
HR Manager

Tel: 029 208 42303
Email: sladek2@cardiff.ac.uk

Kathryn Davies

Kathryn Davies
HR Manager

Tel: 029 208 79813
Email: daviesk20@cardiff.ac.uk

Carina Hibbs

Carina Hibbs
HTA Manager

Tel: 029 208 70231
Email: hibbscs@Cardiff.ac.uk

Heads of School
Prof. Ole Petersen

Prof. Ole Petersen - Cardiff School of Biosciences

Tel: 02920 874108
Email: director-biosi@cardiff.ac.uk

Prof. Mike Lewis

Prof. Mike Lewis - Cardiff School of Dentistry

Tel: 02920 652470
Email: lewismao@cardiff.ac.uk

Prof John Bligh

Prof. John Bligh - Cardiff School of Medicine

Tel: 02920 742379
Email: meddean@cf.ac.uk

Prof. Marcela Votruba

Prof. Marcela Votruba - Cardiff School of Optometry & Vision Sciences

Tel: 02920 870117
Email: votrubam@cardiff.ac.uk

Prof. Derek Gallen

Prof. Derek Gallen - Cardiff School of Postgraduate Medical & Dental Education

Tel: 02920 687412
Email: gallendd@cardiff.ac.uk

Prof. Gary Baxter

Prof. Gary Baxter - Welsh School of Pharmacy

Tel: 02920 8070131
Email: baxtergf@cardiff.ac.uk

Prof. Ed Wilding

Prof. Ed Wilding - Cardiff School of Psychology

Tel: 02920 874108
Email: wildinge@cardiff.ac.uk

Prof. Sheila Hunt

Prof. Sheila Hunt - Cardiff School of Healthcare Sciences

Tel: 02920 687779
Email: hunts5@cardiff.ac.uk

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