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Major Grant Awards 2010-2011

5 July 2011

Bioscience building

Congratulations to the following staff who were awarded major grants (>K£100) during 2010-2011:

Prof SB Dunnett (with MEDIC) (MRC) Basic science and preclinical development of cell transplantation for basal ganglia disorders - £839,370

Prof AR Clarke, Prof M Ehrmann (Cancer Research UK) Validating methylation sensing proteins as therapeutic targets - £718,344

Dr D Riccardi (Commission of the European Communities) Multifaceted CaSR - The role of the Calcium Sensing Receptor (CaSR) in health and disease, implications for translational medicine - £419,523

Prof L Boddy, Dr CT Muller, Dr HJ Rogers (Natural Environment Research Council) Fungal community structure and dynamics: Drivers of wood decay and carbon cycling - £393,375

Prof SB Dunnett (with MEDIC) (Universitaet Ulm) Euro HD network - £372,102

Prof KD Fox (National Institutes of Health) Forward genetic approaches to mechanisms of cortical plasticity - £268,101

Prof AR Clarke (Prostate Cancer Research Centre) Defining the role of wildtype and mutant plexinB1 in prostate cancer - £263,884

Prof AR Clarke (Cancer Research UK) The impact of APC2 on somatic stem cells and tumour igenesis - £248,046

Prof MW Bruford (Commission of the European Communities) NEXTGEN - Next generation methods to preserve farm animal biodiversity by optimizing present and future breeding options - £226,568

Prof TC Dale, Ms EA Fraser (Merck KG & A) Identification of WNT pathway inhibitors - £185,173

Prof SB Dunnett, Prof PJ Kemp (with MEDIC) (Parkinson's Disease Society) Are astrocytes required for optimal survival of ES cell-derived dopaminergic transplants - £187,787

Prof V Buchman (Parkinson's Disease Society) Does the loss of alpha-synuclein in adult and ageing brain cause dysfunction of dopaminergic striatal synapses and contribute to progression of Parkinson's disease?- £184,778

Prof R Eccles (GlaxoSmithKline) Consumer Healthcare To assess the subjective effect of two paracetamol preparations on the feeling of breathing in subjects with the common cold - £173,750

Dr J Cable (Commission of the European Communities) PARAPEST - The role of host personality and stress responses in parasite dynamics - £160,840

Prof AR Clarke (with MEDIC) (Welsh Government (NISCHR)) Cancer Genetics Biomedical Research Unit - £148,199

Prof TJC Jacob (NYSEARCH, Northease Gas Association) An investigation into the physiological mechanisms of odour cancellation or antagonism that occurs between certain conjugate pairs of odorants and results in masking - £141,367

Prof AR Clarke (with PHRMY) (Cancer Research UK) Cardiff Cancer Research UK Centre - £138,312

Prof R Eccles (GlaxoSmithKline) Consumer Healthcare Effects of a common cold treatment on cognitive function - £124,630

Prof TC Dale (Tenovus) Analysing the acute effects of Axin loss in liver and colon cancer - £120,000