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Major BIOSI Papers 2012

Masia F, Accanto N., Langbein W, Borri P (2012) Spin-flip Limited Exciton dephasing in CdSe/ZnS Colloidal Quantum Dots Physical Review Letters 108: 087401. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.108.087401

Accanto N., Masia F, Moreels I, Hens Z, Langbein W, Borri P (2012) Engineering the Spin-Flip Limited Exciton Dephasing in Colloidal CdSe/CdS Quantum Dots ACS Nano 6: 5227. DOI: 10.1021/nn300992a Open access

Arpino JAJ, Czapinska H, Piasecka A, Edwards WR, Barker P, Gajda MJ, Bochtler M and Jones DD (2012) Structural Basis for Efficient Chromophore Communication and Energy Transfer in a Constructed Didomain Protein Scaffold J.Am. Chem. Soc., 134 (33) 13632–13640

Della Pia EA, Elliott M, Jones DD, & Macdonald JE (2012) Orientation-Dependent electron transport in a single redox protein. ACS Nano 6, 355-61

Baek S., Kutchukian P.S., Verdine G.L., Huber R., Holak T.A., Lee K.W., Popowicz G.M. (2012) Structure of the stapled p53 peptide bound to Mdm2. Journal of the American Chemical Society 134(1) 103-106

Deng W., Lopez-Camacho C., Tang J.-Y., Mendoza-Villanueva D., Maya-Mendoza A., Jackson D.A., Shore P (2012) Cytoskeletal protein filamin A is a nucleolar protein that suppresses ribosomal RNA gene transcription Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 109(5) 1524-1529

Deng W, Roberts SGE (2012) A core promoter element downstream of the TATA box that is recognized by TFIIB Genes & Development 19: 2418-2423

de Graaf B.H.J., Vatovec S., Juárez-Díaz J.A., Chai L., Kooblall K., Wilkins K.A., Zou H., Forbes T., Franklin F.C.H., Franklin-Tong, V.E. (2012) The Papaver Self-Incompatibility Pollen S-Determinant, PrpS, Functions in Arabidopsis thaliana. Curr. Biol 22 (2)154-159

Ferdek, P.E., Gerasimenko, J.V., Peng, S., Tepikin, A.V., Petersen, O.H. and Gerasimenko, O.V. (2012) A novel role for Bcl-2 in regulation of cellular calcium extrusion Curr. Biol. 22:1241-1246

Feyeux M, Bourgois-Rocha F, Redfern A, Giles P, Lefort N, Aubert S, Bonnefond C, Bugi A, Ruiz M, Deglon N, Jones L, Peschanski M, Allen ND*, Perrier AL.  *corresponding author (2012) Early transcriptional changes linked to naturally occurring Huntington's disease mutations in neural derivatives of human embryonic stem cells. Human Molecular Genetics Epub ahead of print

Greenow K., Clarke A.R. (2012) Controlling the stem cell compartment and regeneration in vivo: The role of pluripotency pathways Physiological Reviews 92(1) 75-99

Jacob, V., Petreanu, L., Wright., N.F., Svoboda, K., and Fox, K. (2012) Regular spiking and instrinsic bursting pyramidal cells show orthogonal forms of experience-dependent plasticity in layer V of barrel cortex. Neuron 73(2):391-404

Ranson A., Cheetham C.E.J., Fox K., Sengpiel F (2012) Homeostatic plasticity mechanisms are required for juvenile, but not adult, ocular dominance plasticity. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 109(4) 1311-1316

Riccardi D., Kemp P.J. (2012) The calcium-sensing receptor beyond extracellular calcium homeostasis: Conception, development, adult physiology, and disease. Annual Review of Physiology 74:271-297

Roberts JA, Allsopp RC, El Ajouz S, Vial C, Schmid R, Young MT, Evans RJ (2012) Agonist binding evokes extensive conformational changes in the extracellular domain of the ATP-gated human P2X1 receptor ion channel. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 20;109(12):4663-7.

Shorning B.Y., Jarde T., McCarthy A., Ashworth A., De Leng W.W.J., Offerhaus G.J.A., Resta N., Dale T., Clarke A.R. (2012) Intestinal renin-angiotensin system is stimulated after deletion of Lkb1. Gut 61(2) 202-213

Taylor K.M., Hiscox S., Nicholson R.I., Hogstrand C., Kille P (2012) Cell biology: Protein kinase CK2 triggers cytosolic zinc signaling pathways by phosphorylation of zinc channel ZIP7 Science Signaling 5 (210)

The HD iPSC Consortium1 (2012) Induced pluripotent stem cells from patients with Huntington’s disease show CAG-repeat-expansion-associated phenotypes Cell Stem Cell In press

Tilg H., Marchesi J.R. (2012) Too much fat for the gut's microbiota. Gut 61(4) 474-475