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Major BIOSI Papers 2011

Antonczak, AK, Simova, Z, Yonemoto, IT, Bochtler, M, Piasecka, A, Czapinska, H, Brancale, A, Tippmann, EM (2011) Importance of single molecular determinants in the fidelity of expanded genetic codes PNAS 108(4)1320-5

Archibald K., Baxter A.D., Berube K., Bunton D., Clotworthy M., Coleman B., Foster C.S., Hillier C., McFarlane M., Patel A., Pierscionek B., Root J., Thomas G., Tsaioun K., Wilkinson J.M., Wilmut I., Wright K.L. (2011) Safety of medicine and the use of animals in research The Lancet 378(9802) 

Boris Y Shorning, Afshan McCarthy, Alan Ashworth, Wendy W. J. de Leng, G. Johan A. Offerhaus, Nicoletta Resta, and Clarke R. Alan (2011) Intestinal Renin-Angiotensin system is stimulated following deletion of Lkb1 Gut epub

Booth, DM, Murphy, JA, Mukherjee, R, Awais, M; Neoptolemos, JP; Gerasimenko, OV; Tepikin, AV; Petersen, OH, Sutton, R; Criddle, DN (2011) Reactive Oxygen Species Induced by Bile Acid Induce Apoptosis and Protect Against Necrosis in Pancreatic Acinar Cells Gastroenterology  140(7) 2116-2125

Clausen T, Kaiser M, Huber R and Ehrmann M (2011) HTRA proteases: regulated proteolysis in protein quality control Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 12:152-162

Cordero-Llana O, Scott SA, Maslen SL, Anderson JM, Boyle J, Chowhdury RR, Tyers P, Barker RA, Kelly CM, Rosser AE, Stephens E, Chandran S, Caldwell MA(2011) Clusterin secreted by astrocytes enhances neuronal differentiation from human neural precursor cells Cell Death & Differentiation 18(5)907-13

Crowther T.W., Boddy L., Jones T.H. (2011) Outcomes of fungal interactions are determined by soil invertebrate grazers Ecology Letters 14(11)1134-1142

De Yebenes J.G., Landwehrmeyer B., Squitieri F., Reilmann R., Rosser A., Barker R.A., Saft C., Magnet M.K., Sword A., Rembratt T., Tedroff J.  (2011) Pridopidine for the treatment of motor function in patients with Huntington's disease (MermaiHD): A phase 3, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial  The Lancet Neurology 10(12) 1049-1057

Gamble, M., Künze, G., Dodson. E.J., Wilson, K.S., Jones, D.D. (2011) Regulation of an intracellular subtilisin protease activity by a short propeptide sequence through an original combined dual mechanism PNAS 108(9)3536-41

Gerasimenko JV, Lur G, Ferdek P, Sherwood MW, Ebisui E, Tepikin AV, Mikoshiba K, Petersen OH and Gerasimenko OV (2011) Calmodulin protects against alcohol-induced pancreatic trypsinogen activiation elicited via Ca2+ release through inositol trisphospate receptors PNAS 108(14) 5873-5878 doi:10.1073/pnas.1016534108

J.V.Nguyen, I.Soto, K-Y.Kim, E.A.Bushong, E.Oglesby, F.J.Valiente-Soriano, Z.Yang, C.O.Davis, J.L.Bedont, J.L.Son, J.O.Wei, V.L.Buchman, D.J.Zack, M.Vidal-Sanz, M.H.Ellisman, N.Marsh-Armstrong (2011) Myelination transition zone astrocytes are constitutively phagocytic and have synuclein dependent reactivity in glaucoma PNAS 108(3) 1176-1181

Kant P, Sainsbury A, Reed KR, Pollard SG, Scott N, Clarke AR, Coletta PL, Hull MA (2011) Rectal epithelial cell mitosis and expression of macrophage migration inhibitory factor are increased 3 years after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) for morbid obesity: implications for long-term neoplastic risk following RYGB Gut 60:1214-1223

Kreuzaler P., Staniszewska A, Li W, Omidvar N, Kadjouar B, Turkson J, Poli V, Flavell R, Clarkson R, and Watson C (2011) Stat3 controls lysosomal mediated cell death in vivo. Nature Cell Biology 13:303–309

Li, J.V., Ashrafian, H., Bueter, M., Kinross, J., Stands, C., le Roux, C.W., Bloom, S.R., Darzi, A., Athanasiou, T., Marchesi, J.R., Nicholson, J.K. and Elaine Holmes (2011) Metabolic Surgery Profoundly Influences Gut Microbial-Host Metabolic Crosstalk Gut 60:1166-1167

Merdanovic M., Clausen T., Kaiser M., Huber R., Ehrmann M. (2011) Protein quality control in the bacterial periplasm Annual Review of Microbiology 65 149-168

Nguyen J.V., Soto I., Kim K.-Y., Bushong E.A., Oglesby E., Valiente-Soriano F.J., Yang Z., Davis C.-H.O., Bedont J.L., Son J.L., Wei J.O., Buchman V.L., Zack D.J., Vidal-Sanz M., Ellisman M.H., Marsh-Armstrong N. (2011) Myelination transition zone astrocytes are constitutively phagocytic and have synuclein dependent reactivity in glaucoma Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 108(3)1176-1181 

Sadek A.-R., Gray W.P. (2011) Chopping and changing: Long-term results of epilepsy surgery The Lancet 378(9800)1360-1362

Sanz, L., Dewitte, W., Forzani, C., Patell, F., Nieuwland, J., Quelhas, P., Wen, B., Titmus, C., Campilho, A., Ren, H., Estelle, M., Wang, H., Murray, J.A.H. (2011) The Arabidopsis D-type cyclin CYCD2;1 and the inhibitor ICK2/KRP2 modulate auxin-induced lateral root formation Plant Cell 23(2) 641-660

Viney M., Cable J. Macroparasite life histories (2011) Current Biology 21(18) R767-R774