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Major BIOSI Papers 2009

McLaren JE and Ramji DP (2009) Interferon gamma: A master regulator of atherosclerosis Cytokine & Growth Factor 17(6)487-499

Khan, IM, Williams, R, Archer, CW (2009) One Flew over the Progenitor's Nest: Migratory Cells Find a Home in Osteoarthritic Cartilage Cell Stem Cell (4)282-284

Chessa B, Pereira F, Arnaud F, Amorim A, Goyache F, Mainlaind I, Kao RR, Pemberton JM, Beraldi D, Stear MJ, Alberti A, Pittau M, Iannuzzi L, Banabazi MH, Kazwala RR, Zhang YP, Arranz JJ, Ali BA, Wang Z, Uzun M, Dione MM, Olsaker I, Holm LE, Saarma U, Ahmad S, Marzanov N, Eythorsdottir E, Holland MJ, Ajmone-Marsan P, Bruford MW, Kantanen J, Spencer TE, Palmarini M (2009) Revealing the history of sheep domestication using retrovirus integrations Science 324(5926)532-536

David W Cope, Giuseppe Di Giovanni, Sarah J Fyson, Gergely Orbán, Adam C Errington, Magor L Lőrincz, Timothy M Gould, David A Carter & Vincenzo Crunelli  (2009) Enhanced tonic GABA(A) inhibition in typical absence epilepsy Nature Medicine 15(12)1392-U6   

Song  F, Phesse T, Jenkins J, Clarke, A, Watson AJM (2009) Cited 1 is a novel colorectal cancer gene whose deficiency inhibits the growth of colorectal cancer GUT 58:A3-A3

Barker, N, Ridgway, RA, Van Es, JA, Van De Wetering, M, Begthel, H, Van Den Born, M, Danenberg, E, Clarke, AR, Sansom, OJ, Clevers, H (2009) Crypt stem cells as the cells-of-origin of intestinal cancer Nature 457(7229)608-611

Wheeler Michael J, de Graaf Barend HJ, Hadjiosif Natalie, Perry Ruth M, Poulter Natalie S, Osman Kim, Vatovec Sabina, Harper Andrea, Franklin F, Christopher H, Franklin-Tong, Vernonica E (2009) Identification of the pollen self-incompatibility determinant in Papaver rhoeas Nature 459(7249)992-U118

Claire M Kelly, Sophie V Precious, Caroline Scherf, Richard Penketh, Nazar N Amso, Alysia Battersby, Nicholas D Allen, Stephen B Dunnett & Anne E Rosser (2009) Neonatal desensitization allows long-term survival of neural xenotransplants without immunosuppression Nature Methods 6(4)271-273

Besse, F*, López de Quinto S*, Marchand V, Trucco A and Ephrussi A. (2009) Drosophila PTB promotes formation of high-order RNP particles and represses oskar translation. Genes & Development, 23: 195-207. Equal contribution first authors listed in alphabetic order.

Jeroen Nieuwland, Spencer Maughan, Walter Dewitte, Simon Scofield, Luis Sanz, and James A. H. Murray (2009) The D-type cyclin CYCD4;1 modulates lateral root density in Arabidopsis by affecting the basal meristem region Proceedings of the National Academy of the USA 106(52)22528-22533