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Users of EMRIC

All research staff who are using the MRI suite or who plan to in the future, should follow the procedures below:

1. Initial Contact

Initial enquiries should be made through the EMRIC email account emric@cf.ac.uk. Following initial contact a meeting will be setup to discuss the proposed nature of the work, resources, timing, safety, and costs in detail. This is designed to obtain a full understanding of the users’ requirements, technical requirements, and methods for acheiving the aims of the proposed study.

2. Ethics

All research users should ensure that all aspects of their work using the MRI facility meets the requirements set by the Home Office. Users must ensure, whether applying for a new licence or amending an existing one, that the technique of MRI scanning is included on their project and personal licence.
A copy of up-to-date project and personal licences will be required from each user of the facility before any work can be carried out (including any preliminary or pilot scans).
Use of the facility will not be permitted if this information is unavailable or unsatisfactory.

For any further information on procedures or legislation regarding the use of MRI for research contact Peter Hunt on ex 74886 or go to the home office webpage www.homeoffice.gov.uk/science-research

3. Booking a session

For all new users - Sessions can be booked following the initial contact and the required safety adn ethics have been approved. A timetable of availability can be viewed online at http://my.calendars.net/mricalender

Users should then contact EMRIC at emric@cf.ac.uk to confirm availability and discuss the users needs for any particular session.
For existing users – Availability can be checked online first, before contacting EMRIC staff to confirm availability and discuss the users needs for any particular session.

All users are encouraged to book early to ensure a suitable session is available.

4 . Commercial Users

Commercial users are also encouraged to contact either EMRIC staff via emric@cf.ac.uk.