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Before entry is permitted to the MRI suite all unit staff or authorized personnel must have read carefully and completed an occupational health MRI unit screening form(Contact occupational health ext. 74810). High magnetic fields may cause certain medical devices and applications to malfunction, and any metallic particles in the body to move or become hot, causing injury.

The MRI suite consists of 2 areas:-

The outer controlled area consists of a main preparation area and computer operation area. This outer controlled area will not experience magnetic fields greater than the general safety limit of 5 Gauss. All users will have to complete an occupational health MRI screening form prior to going into this area. A document on MRI safety at Cardiff can be obtained from here. It is recommended that this document is read prior to commencement of any work.

The inner controlled area can only be accessed via the outer control area. Access to this inner area will be strictly for authorised personnel who have received the correct training. Within this inner area magnetic fields strength exceeds 30 Gauss. At this level of magnetic force, ferrous metallic objects become deadly projectiles.
Further screening and safety checks will be carried out for people entering the inner controlled area such that any metallic objects (such as keys, hair clips, swipe cards, mobile phones, jewellery, etc) have been removed. The checklist of objects to be removed before entering the inner controlled area is here.

In addition to items on or within a body, no additional unauthorized equipment from outside the suite (i.e. cages, trolleys, etc) will be allowed into the MRI suite without prior approval. In particular no surgical equipment will be allowed into the MRI suite. A range of MRI compatible surgical tools will be made available for users.

To arrange a health and safety appraisal for the MRI unit contact occupational health on ex. 74810. For any further enquires on general MRI safety contact Bill Edwards on ex. 75136.