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BioConnect Seminar Series 2014-15

Seminars to take place in Room C/0.13, Sir Martin Evans Building at 1.10pm on alternate Tuesdays 
unless otherwise stated.  Buffet lunch will be provided for most talks at 12.30pm in the new BIOSI 
Foyer, Sir Martin Evans Building.


3rd September 2014

Dr Andy Bailey, School of Biological Sciences, Bristol University

Title: BBSRC South-West Doctoral Training Partnership (SWDTP): understanding how studentships 

will be distributed

In 2013 CU became an associate member with access studentships. The partnership is managed by 

Bristol University who are keen to engage with Potential PhD supervisors at CU and raise awareness 

of how the consortium will work going forward


17th September 2014 - 1.10pm Room in E/1.03, Sir Martin Evans 


B. Fahnert., SM. Rutherford, K. Sheppard, L. Woodgate, School of Biosciences, Cardiff 


Title: Getting to grips with being a personal tutor: An update on supporting students and helping them 

develop graduate competencies


1st October 2014- 1.10pm Room in E/1.03, Sir Martin Evans Building

Dr Glen Sweeney and Tim Higgins, School of Biosciences, Cardiff University

Title: Feedback and Assessment


29th October 2014

Clare Hughes, Esh Mahenthiralingam, Jo Cable & Beatrix Fahnert

Title: Supervision of final year projects - guidance for Postgrads and Postdocs


19th November 2014

Dr Henrietta Standley, School of Biosciences, Cardiff University

Title: International Ambition: Opportunities for funded research and teaching placements


Details on further talks for 2014-2015 to follow shortly