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Event Information for Participating Schools 2012


Biology is all about living things .... from why animals behave in a certain way to what goes wrong when we get ill

The scientists in the School of Biosciences at Cardiff University have a very varied mix of interests and pupils who come to our annual "Learn About Life" event get the opportunity to see the enthusiasm and passion that many of these scientists have for their own area of biology.  

Here is a snapshot of what is on offer;

Session 1 - "The Cells in Your Body"

Be a real scientist - put on a labcoat, gloves and safety glasses and you are ready to investigate ..

Dr Sonia Lopez de Quinto explaining to Primary pupils what they are looking at down microscopes - their own cheek cellsNSEW 2009 - Cells workshopPete Watson shows pupils the content of their cells using balloon and illmintion of contents








What do cells look like?

Are they long, thin, fat or squishy??      Answer - they can be all of these! 

Make your own to find out more

Cheeky cells!

Find out what your own cheek cells look like and draw what you see down the microscope

A handful of cells

How many cells in your hand?    10,  1000,  perhaps even more ...??

Cells up close

What is inside a cell?    Answer - lots of different things! 

Scramble around in this activity to find out more


And cells grow too! We didn't have time to show you this, but you can try this activity if you want to learn more ....

To complement this activity, you can order (free of charge) ‘Marvellous Microbes’, a cartoon about Pasteur, bread and yeast, together with some simple yeast experiments, designed for 7-11 year olds. To order contact the education department of the Society for General Microbiology The Society also provide "The why, when and how of hand washing’ with accompanying ‘Effective Hand Washing’ poster as a resource for this age group.

Session 2 - Your Wild World

Monitoring wild animals
Camoflague & vision
All about otters

What do otters eat?   What is junk food and what is healthy and nutritious? 

Catch some prey and find out for yourself!


Session 3 Brain Trail (for schools visiting on Wednesday 14th March only)

Learn About Life 2011 Neuroscience session"Brain Trail" activities in Techniquest Science Centre. Nov 2010. NMHRI led."Brain Trail" activities in Techniquest Science Centre. Nov 2010. NMHRI led.









Be a brain surgeon!

Is your hand steady enough to be a brain surgeon?

What bit of my brain does what?

Draw the different bits of the brain on your very own brain cap, which you can take home

Match the brain to the animal 

- and look at bits of the brain (does an anteater have a big olfactory bulb??)

Make your own neuron

Nerve cells (neurons) have to act fast. And they are ideally made to do this.

Make your own glitzy neuron and find out how.

Tricky brain games

Are you quicker to react than your friend? or better still - your teacher? 


Want to recap some of the things that you learnt about the brain? - then join  Sam on his brainy adventure 


Session 4 - Lung Power! (for schools visiting on Thursday 15th March only)

Learn About Life 2010 Physiology - using PFMsKelly Berube 2009Kelly Berube with Science Minister 2010











How much breath have you got?

Breathe into our cool peak flow meters and see if you can beat the rest of the class!

How do lungs inflate?

Inflate a set of pig's lungs and find out more

All things snotty

We all know about green snot.  But did you know snot can be lots of colours? 

Get up close and messy and find out why