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The Unit is equipped with a range of imaging facilities including the following electron microscopes for teaching and research.

Jeol TEM 1210

Our Jeol TEM 1210 transmission electron microscope is fitted with an ISIS system for micro-area chemical analysis. It is a versatile electron microscope, specifically used for high resolution imaging and energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis.

Philips TEM 208

The Philips TEM 208 is our user-friendly transmission electron microscope. It produces high contrast images and is useful for examination of ultrathin sections and biochemical materials.

Philips XL 20

Our Philips XL 20 high vacuum scanning electron microscope is fitted with some computerised imaging facilities. It is used mainly for high resolution 3-D imaging and for storing large files of images.

Jeol 5200 LVSEM

The Jeol 5200 LVSEM is our low vacuum scanning electron microscope and can be used for both processed and unprocessed samples. It is an ideal SEM for examination of delicate and hydrated specimens.