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Oriental Hornbill

Oriental Pied Hornbill (DGFC) © Arthur Chung
  • Distinguishable from other hornbills by its belly and the white trailing edge on its wings, the Pied Hornbill is one of 8 species found in the Kinabatangan.
  • The Oriental Pied Hornbill feeds on fruit but with a preference for insects
  • During nesting the female hornbill is sealed into the nest (made within a tree) with mud leaving a small opening through which the male can pass food. Once the eggs hatch the female leaves the nest, resealing it behind her until the hatchlings are ready to leave.
  • Shows a preference for more open habitat such as at the forest edge, clearings and secondary forest and can frequently be seen along the Kinabatangan river on the way to Danau Girang Field Centre.