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Bornean Clouded Leopard

  • Clouded Leopard in Deramakot Forest Reserve © Wilting & MohamedThe Bornean clouded leopard (found on Borneo, Sumatra and the Batu Islands in the Malays Archipelago) is a separate species from the clouded leopards found on Southeast Asian mainland, they are both genetically and visually distinct.
  • They have smaller, darker cloud markings and an overall darker coat.
  • It is the largest cat known to occur in Borneo, sometimes active during the day but largely nocturnal and arboreal.
  • They are particularly sensitive to human disturbances, avoiding open spaces with few trees.
  • Their diet includes monkeys, several deer species, young bearded pigs and occasionally birds and reptiles.
  • Their secretive and solitary nature has made them difficult to study and so as a result little is known.
  • There are plans in the future to set up camera traps around Danau Girang Field Centre in the hope of catching site of these elusive creatures and learning more about them.