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Bornean Slow Loris

Slow Loris © Rachel Munds
  • Mainly solitary, the Bornean slow loris is one of two nocturnal primates that can be found in the Kinabatangan.

  • They are arboreal and found at an average height of 15m.

  • They can be located at night by the reddish eye shine observed when a torch light is shone directly at them.

  • The slow loris feeds on mostly insects, some small animals and pulpy fruit.

  • More recently it has been found that they are gumifors, feeding on the sap from trees

  • The Bornean slow loris is the smallest of the slow loris species, reddish brown to blonde yellow in colour with dark yellow/red coloured rings around the eyes. A stripe, less vibrant than other species, runs from the top of the head to the middle of the back or base of tail.

  • At present there are only 3 studies (including one currently underway at Danau Girang Field Centre carried out by Rachel Munds, Oxford Brookes University Masters student, and Ridzwan Ali a graduate from University of Malaysia, Sabah) and so little is known about the Bornean species.