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Anthropological Institute and Museum

Group photo of staff and students from the Anthropolocial Institute and Museum of Zurich

'Thanks for opening up the camp for us despite the rainy season. It is a lovely camp and I’m amazed by all the wildlife we discovered here in such a short time. It would be nice to be back some day to have a more detailed look at the orangutans' – Sofia Forss, Anthropological Institute and Museum (AIM), University of Zurich


'The experience was unique, never seen so much wildlife concentrated in one spot, or so much water in one place J. Thank you so much for your hospitality, the camp is very nice and I had an amazing time' – Josephine Hula, AIM


'First orangutan seen, first time floated, first time seeing civets,… To make it short: it was an amazing experience! Impressive! Thanks a lot to the staff and Ben. Keep in touch!' – Nadia Morf, AIM


Staff and Students from the Anthropological Institute and Museum of Zurich

'Very impressed with camp and Benoit’s amazing organization capabilities. Prolific wildlife with some of the most memorable sightings, especially during the night. Pity of the flooding, but then, this only added to the unforgettable Kinabatangan experience' – Erik Willems, AIM


'Great place, a bit small when everything is flooded. Definitely worth a longer stay if you are into orangutans, proboscis, leopard cats, crested firebacks, tangalungs, etc – and who isn’t?' – Professor Carel van Schaik, AIM