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Photograph Gallery

Paul Swen

Elephants © Paul Swen

Paul Swen is a life-time professional photographer, who visited DGFC to snap the extensive wildlife, the photographs of which will be donated to Houston Zoo to enhance its advertisement and the understanding of the wildlife to its visitors. He is dedicated to wildlife conservation, and hopes his photos will help to save “the nature that reigns”. Paul, who has worked “from the Himalayas to Hollywood, from hot dirty steel mills to cool cautious CEOs, from starlets to presidents” photographs all areas and aspects of the world, a quality of his work that he strives to maintain. To see some snapshots of Paul’s work, go to, you will be amazed!

Rudi Delvaux


Rudi Delvaux has a passion for wildlife photography. He met Benoît Goossens in the Republic of Congo many years ago, and when he found out about Danau Girang Field Centre he decided to come as a volunteer for one month. 

He spent most of his days in the forest, taking amazing pictures of the flora and fauna in the Kinabatangan, and he also followed the Cardiff students during the course of their different projects. 

Rudi makes his pictures available to Danau Girang, Cardiff University and the Sabah Wildlife Department for any non-commercial promotion. 

You can also have a look at his work on his personal web site: