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Training Opportunities

Cardiff University runs its own yearly Tropical Biodiversity and Assessment Field Course for their second year biology/ecology/zoology undergraduate students, for two weeks, during the first half of July.

Developing University Field Courses

If you would like information and advice on running a field course at Danau Girang Field Centre please contact Dr Benoit Goossens  

Danau Girang Field Centre Field Courses

DGFC organises a yearly Primate Behaviour & Ecology Field Course which usually runs between 15 July and 15 August for two weeks. The course will not run with less than 8 students, with a minimum of 15 spots. The cost is GBP1,200, which does not include your return ticket to and from Malaysia. Tuition will focus on methods in behavioural observations, primate census methods, radio-telemetry of diurnal and nocturnal primates, habitat and phenology sampling, primate endo-parasites analysis, and primate acoustics. Lectures will also be given that introduce concepts in primate behaviour and ecology, current topics in primate research, and a range of research methods. You may be able to arrange independent study or dissertation credit from your university.

To enroll or for more information, please contact the instructor, Danica Stark, at 


Most of DGFC's PhD students are registered at Cardiff University. But DGFC also welcomes PhD's from all over the world, provided that their research falls under our general theme.

Masters of Research (CU) Mres

DGFC welcomes students registered at Cardiff School of Biosciences Masters of Research (MRes). DGFC also welcomes Mres and MSc students from all over the world, provided that their research falls under our general theme.

Professional Training Year (PTY)

An attractive feature of Cardiff School of Biosciences' degrees is that most of them can be taken as 4-year sandwich courses in which the third year is spent away from the University in a relevant placement. A placement report, written by the student, will count towards the final degree assessment. DGFC welcomes 4 CU PTY students annualy, previous PTY students have worked on various projects (see a list of examples below) and helped to maintain Danau Girang, learning about the local biodiversity and way of life and witnessing the progression of active conservation work throughout the year.

Examples of PTY projects:

  • "Impact of habitat fragmentation of the ecto and haemo-parasite fauna of the water monitor lizard (Varanus salvator) in Borneo"
  • "Assessing bearded pig (Sus barbatus barbatus) habitat usage in a fragmented landscape using line transects and camera traps"
  • "An investigation into parasite diversity, prevalence and intesnity within two freshwater fish species; Ompok bimaculatus and Cyclocheilichthys repasson, within the Kinabatangan river, Sabah, Malaysia"
  • "A body condition scoring system for the Bornean banteng (Bos javanicus lowi) and the effect of forest management and the wet and dry season on these scores in Sabah, Malaysia"
  • "Optimising anuran monitoring investigations in a tropical seasonal environment"
  • "Establishing the home range, behavioural ecology and habitat use of the Bornean tarsier (Tarsius bancanus borneanus)

Volunteers and Internships

DGFC welcomes volunteers and/or internships on a review basis and for greater than 2 months. Volunteers will assist in the various projects carried out at the field centre but will not be able to lead their own project. An application package can be requested from Dr Benoit Goossens