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Bungay School (5-11 August 2008) and Wallingford School (12-18 August 2008), United Kingdom

Two groups of 6th form students from schools in the United Kingdom carried out a project at the Centre which involved collecting garbage from the river itself and the banks of the river in selected areas, recording the type of discardables and compiling a report on where the rubbish may have come from, why it ended up in the river and how it could be prevented.

The project involved field trips in boats to collect the waste, photography of the areas where waste has gathered, examination of maps and recording on maps where the waste was found. As part of the project the findings were publicised in the local press in an attempt to help to reduce the problem and bring local communities and plantations to recognize their responsibilities to the environment.

Ilkley Grammar School, UK, in Danau Girang from 21 to 26 August 2009

Eight British adolescents from Ilkley Grammar School spent five days at DanauGirang Field Centre where they carried out a couple of conservation activities. First, they collected garbage from one Kinabatangan tributary, Sungai Khoya. Over two days, they traveled upstream towards the plantation which borders Lot 6 of the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary and bagged up the litter that was divided into categories: industrial (21.75 kgs), plastic bottles (20.3 kgs), domestic (27.4 kgs) and glass bottles (21.3 kgs). A total of 90 kgs of rubbish were therefore collected over a period of two days, along a stretch of 3.5 km of Sungai Khoya. Then, over three days, they cleared rubbish and leftover material from the old Uncle Tan’s jungle camp (which moved its operation to Sungai Lokan) such as old corrugated iron, old beams from the camp structures, many tyres, boots and a lot of general rubbish around the site. Once they had put all the rubbish and materials into sacks, it was loaded onto a DGFC boat to be taken downriver to BatuPutih, and it was then disposed of in Bukit Garam.