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Constant Temperature Facilities

A wide range of constant temperature (C/T) rooms and cabinets in BIOSI are available for communal use and space in these may be booked for fixed periods by researchers in the School. Maintenance and repair of these facilities are centrally supported, but items such as fluorescent tubes, filters etc are regarded as consumables and users may receive a charge to offset the cost of these items.

Space in all communal C/T facilities in BIOSI 1 & BIOSI 2 may be booked via Mr Mike O’Reilly in BIOSI 1. Mr Bob Hemmings in BIOSI 2 will be able to assist with bookings in Mike O’Reilly’s absence.

BIOSI staff will be requested to apply for C/T space in September and March (allocated periods will run from 1st October to 31st March and 1st April to 30th September). Areas within the various facilities may be booked for a period of up to 6 months.

Existing users requiring periods greater than six months should indicate the experimental period required on their initial application, but must also submit a booking application at the end of each 6 month period.

New users may apply for space at any time, but the booking period will then extend to the end of the current six month allocation i.e. the end of March or September as appropriate.

CT Room Decontamination certificate

Facilities available


Glasshouse with heating and lighting

0.15 Plant Growth Chamber Suite:
Typical conditions available: 10-40°C and programmable lighting.

0.15B C/T room
Fluorescent lighting and humidity control
18-24°C 40-60%RH

0.15C Sanyo Cabinet
Fluorescent lighting
No humidity control

0.15D Sanyo Cabinet
Fluorescent lighting and humidity control

0.15E Sanyo Cabinet
Fluorescent lighting 1250 µmol m -2 sec -1
No humidity control

0.15F Sanyo Cabinet
Fluorescent lighting 500 µmol m -2 sec -1
No humidity control

1.28 C/T Rooms
A suite of 7 rooms. Currently running at temperatures of 16-26°C. Fluorescent lighting is currently disabled (awaiting refurbishment).


7th Floor C/T Rooms:
A suite that consists of 5 terrestrial rooms and 9 aquatic rooms. These are currently operating at temperatures from 5°C to 24°C. Fluorescent lighting and shelving for experimental materials

W4.09 Walk in Cold Room with extensive shelving. Currently running at 15°C

W4.10 Growth Chamber Suite:
4 Binder growth chambers, with daylight lighting of 250 µE s m -2, humidity control, and temperature control from -5°C - 100°C


For further information:

Mr Michael O'Reilly

Position:Senior Technician
Photo of Mr Michael O'Reilly.
Telephone: +44(0)29 208 75273Extension: 75273

Mr Bob Hemmings

Position:Assistant Technical Manager
Telephone: +44(0)29 208 76816Extension: 76816
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