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Slide Scanning

The Imaging Unit houses an Objective Imaging semi-automated slide scanning system with Surveyor software for capturing images of standard histological slides.

This system is able to survey and image entire microscope slides and produce high-resolution mosaic images by stitching together images taken of individual fields. The final composite image can then be navigated and manipulated to produce overall plans or good quality images of areas which would be too large for high-resolution objectives. It also provides a great way to produce a digital archive of slides which can be freely shared and protect irreplaceable slides from potential damage.

The scanner consists of a conventional bright-field microscope equipped with 5x, 10x, 20x and 40x objectives, a high-quality digital camera (with associated PC) and a precision motorised system to control the stage. The stage can be controlled by a joystick or directly from the Surveyor software.

For a demonstration of the system or for more information (including charges) email either Anthony Hayes ( or Marc Isaacs ( More information can be found on the Objective Imaging Website here

A booking system is now in place for this system - availability can be checked via the following link:

Slide Scanning Bookings Calendar

Contact Marc Isaacs ( or Dr. Anthony Hayes ( to make a booking.

Examples (links open in a new window and require Adobe Flash Player 9 or above)

Figure shows a plan image of around 20,000 pixels in height with a 100% crop:

The following links show complete datasets with a Flash viewer. Links open in a new window.

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