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Histology / immunohistochemistry

ICH World - An excellent and comprehensive web site detailing a wide range of methodologies for histologists and immunohistochemists.



Antibody Information


Antigen Retrieval

Tissue positives


Laser Microdissection

Fluorochromes: invitrogen > molecular probes

Contains everything you need to know about fluorescent probes and fluorescent labelling technologies. The site includes an electronic version of the Molecular Probes Handbook, containing detailed information on the use and application of more than 3000 Molecular Probes products, including extensive data, numerous technical notes, and full-colour images.

N.B. Hard copies of The Molecular Probes Handbook also are also available for limited loan from the Confocal Microscopy unit.

Molecular Probes

Molecular Probes Handbook

Fluorochromes: Bio-Rad > fluorescence database

This interactive web site allows users to superimpose graphical fluorochrome data onto a normalised axis, thus simplifying the process of selecting the correct fluorochrome for use with your sample and the confocal microscope.

Fluorescence Database (BIO-RAD)

Microscope manufacturers

The Nikon and Olympus sites, in particular, provide first-rate introductions to many aspects of microscopy and digital imaging, as well as providing general information on their full range of precision instruments. Very good interactive Java tutorials explore a variety of concepts and formulas in microscopy.





Microscopy (General)

Good general sources for a variety of microscopical techniques

Virtual Microscopy Library

Microscopy & Analysis Journal

Microscopy Online

Royal Microscopical Society


ImageJ is a public domain Java image processing program for the Macintosh and Windows:


Confocal microscope user manuals: various

Downloadable user manuals for the Leica TCS SP2 AOBS Confocal Microscope on external websites


Books on Confocal microscopy

Books on Confocal Microscopy

Microscopic galleries: Molecular Expressions. The Molecular Expressions Galleria contains numerous collections of photographs taken through a microscope.

Sample images


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