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Please Note:  

The charges for Confocal Microscopy reflect the financial regulations (Full Economic Costings; fEC)  imposed upon the Unit. For more information please visit the Research  and Commercial Division's Guide to fEC in Cardiff University. Any queries regarding the charges should be directed Dr. Anthony Hayes.


Quotation of charges. 

To generate a quotation of charges for both Research and Non-Research Council grants please visit the Research Support Unit Quotations web page (BIOSI users only)  Otherwise please contact the Academic Supervisor of the Unit.


Basic charging rate - charges effective from Feb. 2014

 No support (hr) Full support (hr)††
Internal usage (BIOSI) £28.79£43.64
External usage   Contact  Academic Supervisor of the Unit

† Before independent usage is permitted users must be trained and demonstrate basic competency in instrument operation. 

†† Users requiring the full technical support of the Facilities Administrator are charged an additional technical support rate of £14.85 (included in the figure shown)


Users from schools outside Biosciences

Due to changes associated with the major upgrade of the financial systems, a new procedure must be followed. This is outlined below.

1. Users should contact the Confocal Unit to discuss their requirements and arrange a booking. An estimate of cost will be provided by the Unit.

2. Users must then contact their School Finance Office to obtain an Internal Purchase Order number. This will then be emailed to the Confocal Unit and must be received prior to the booking.

3. The work is then undertaken at the agreed time and a job sheet is completed containing the final details of the job along with the actual cost.

4. Users will receive their data at the end of the session but then MUST contact their School Finance Office to notify them that the work has been completed so that funds can be transferred. Please note that users will not be permitted to make further bookings if there are any payments still outstanding. It is therefore essential that the user's Finance Office are notified as quickly as possible following the completion of a booking.


Time course studies: 

Long-term time course studies should be undertaken outside of normal working hours. For a quotation of charges please contact the Academic Supervisor of the Unit.


LEICA Confocal software.

Full copies of the Leica Confocal Software are available for short-term loan or purchase. Please contact the Facilities Administrator for more information.

Page content written and maintained by Dr. A.J. Hayes and Mr. M. Isaacs

For further information:

Dr Anthony J. Hayes

Position:Facility Supervisor & Administrator, Confocal Microscopy
Telephone: +44(0)29 208 76611Extension: 76611
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