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Researcher preparing samples.


Two Varian Cary Eclipse spectrofluorimeters are available for fluorescence spectroscopy. The state-of-the art spectrometers allow recording of fluorescence, phosphorescence and chemo/bio-luminescence. The flash light operated instrument are highly sensitive and robust and offer automated easy to use routines for quantitation, kinetics and lifetimes. Manual polarisers for anisotropy measurements (e.g. membrane fluidity) are available.

Atomic absorption

A Varian AA100 atomic absorption spectrophotometer allows routine analysis of a range of metals (e.g. Cd, Ca, Sr, Co) using acetylene or nitrous oxide flame. The services are well established and routinely determine Cd, Ca, Sr and K. They represent an ideal complement to the more expensive multi-element analysis on ICP-MS and ICP-AES offered by Cardiff’s Department of Earth Sciences.

Sample preparation

One laboratory is dedicated for sample preparation such as acid digests for AAS analysis and other readily available procedures (SPME, derivatisation for GC).

Sample preparation in most cases determines the accuracy of the entire analysis but protocols vary widely depending on analyte, matrix and purpose of study. It is consequently not possible to stock and provide operational facilities and methods for all possible applications. However, we certainly can accommodate a variety of sample preparations and are ready to deliver support for selection, development and application of protocols with the aim of delivering efficient, easy to use methods for that part of the analysis.


BIOSI staff may view a price list of our charges on the web page INSIDE BIOSI. Charges to external users are available on request.

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