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3/4-Year PhD Studentship Project Outlines

Below are the projects available to Home/EU and overseas students such as self-funding, sponsored by employer or government and other.  There is no deadline for these projects.  Applications for any individual project will be closed as soon as a suitable student is found.  

The role of cholinergic and cannabinoid receptor signalling in the hippocampus in the maintenance of long-term memory after recall

Investigation of chromatin remodelling during Dictyostelium development

Rescuing intrauterine growth restriction with trophoblast stem cells

Dendritic computation in thalamic neurons

Construction of synthetic circuits regulated by novel co- and post-translational approaches

Analysis of muscle differentiation and remodelling programmes 

Investigating the function of Nov (CCN3), a regulator of stem and progenitor cells

Characterising the mechanisms of lipid droplet development and regulation

Identifying resistance and resilience in river ecosystems

Expression and function of MiRNA in functionally distinct sensory neurons

The role of dendritic NMDA spikes during epilepsy

Regulation of mRNA translation in time and space

Differentiation and physiological phenotyping of forebrain specified neurons from Huntington's Disease iPS cells

Exploring the potential of anaerobinc dehalogenating bacteria mediated bioremediation of groundwater contaminated with chlorinated organic pollutants

Is abnormal Ca2+ signalling in acidic Ca2+ stores responsible for release of proteases and switching between apoptosis and necrosis in pancreatic acinar cells?