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Dr Xiangjiang Zhan 

Selected Publications:

Zhan XJ, Pan SK, Wang JY, Andrew D, He J et al. 2013. Peregrine and saker falcon genome sequences provide insights into evolution of a predatory lifestyle. Nature Genetics, 45, 563-566.

Zhao SC*, Zheng PP*, Dong SS*, Zhan XJ*, Wu Q* et al. 2012. Whole-genome sequencing of giant pandas provides insights into demographic history and local adaptation. Nature Genetics, online (*contributed equally) (Front cover)

Zhu LF, Hu YB, Qi DW, Wu H, Zhan XJ, et al. 2013. Genetic consequences of historical anthropogenic and ecological events on giant pandas. Ecology, online.  

Wei FW, Hu YB, Zhu LF, Bruford MW, Zhan XJ & Zhang L. 2012. Black and White and Read All Over: the past, present and future of giant panda genetics. Molecular Ecology, 21, 5660-5674. (Front cover)

Zhan XJ, Dixon A, Fox NC & Bruford MW. 2011. Missense SNP of the MC1R gene is associated with plumage variation in the Gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus). Animal Genetics, 43, 460-462.

Zhan XJ*, Zheng YF*, Wei FW, Bruford MW & Jia CX. 2011. Molecular evidence for Pleistocene refugia at the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau. Molecular Ecology, 14: 3014-3026. (*contributed equally)

Hu YB, Guo Y, Qi DW, Zhan XJ, Wu H, Bruford MW & Wei FW. 2011. Genetic structuring and recent demographic history of red pandas (Ailurus fulgens) inferred from microsatellite and mitochondrial DNA. Molecular Ecology, 20: 2662-2675.

Zhan XJ*, Zheng XD*, Bruford M, Wei FW & Tao Y. 2010. A new method for quantifying genotyping errors for noninvasive genetic studies. Conservation Genetics, 11:1567–1571. (*contributed equally)

Liu Y, Zhan XJ, Wang N, Chang J & Zhang ZW. 2010. The effect of geological vicariance on mitochondrial DNA differentiation of the common pheasant in the Loess Plateau and eastern China. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 55: 409-17.

Zhu LF, Zhan XJ, Wu H, Zhang SN, Meng T, Bruford M & Wei FW. 2010. Drastic reduction of the smallest and most isolated giant panda population: implications for conservation. Conservation Biology, 24: 1299–1306.

Zhan XJ, Zhang ZJ, Wu H, Goossens B, Li M, Jiang SW, Bruford WM & Wei FW. 2007. Molecular analysis of dispersal in giant panda. Molecular Ecology, 16, 3792-3800.

Zhan XJ, Li M, Zhang ZJ, Goossens B, Chen YP, Wang HJ, Bruford WM & Wei FW. 2006. Molecular censusing doubles giant panda population estimate in a key nature reserve. Current Biology, 16, R451-452. (Front cover)

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