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Dr Mark Young 

I became interested in studying membrane protein structure-function relationships during my Biochemistry degree at the University of Bristol (1994-1997).  I stayed on in Bristol for my Ph.D. and first postdoc (1997-2003) under the guidance of Prof. Mike Tanner, where I explored the interaction between the red blood cell anion transporter (band 3) and its accessory subunit, glycophorin A (GPA).

A growing interest in ion channels led me to take up postdocs with Profs. Annmarie Surprenant and Alan North at the Universities of Sheffield (2003-2005) and Manchester (2005-2007), where I worked on P2X receptor structure-function relationships. During this time, the focus of my research shifted towards the direct structural study of P2X receptors.  With the aid of an Advanced Training Fellowship (2007-2010) and the mentorship of Prof. Bob Ford (University of Manchester), I determined the structure of human P2X4 at a resolution of 21Å, using electron microscopy of single protein particles and 3D reconstruction.

In September 2009 I took up the Evans-Huber Fellowship at Cardiff University, which has enabled me to set up my own research lab, where I continue to study the 3D structure and downstream signalling functions of mammalian P2X receptors, as well as looking to develop new expression systems for mammalian membrane proteins. I became a Lecturer (Teaching and Research) in September 2012.