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Dr Sean Wyatt  -  PhD

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Selected publications

Osorio C,  Chacon PJ,  Kisiswa L, White  M,  Wyatt  S,  Rodriguez-Tebar  A and  Davies A M (2013). Growth differentiation factor 5 is a key physiological regulator of dendrite growth during development. Development 140: 4751-62

Kisiswa L, Osório C, Erice C, Vizard T, Wyatt S, Davies AM (2013) TNFα reverse signaling promotes sympathetic axon growth and target innervation. Nat Neurosci 16 (7): 865-73

Howard L, Wyatt S, Nagappan G, Davies AM (2013) ProNGF promotes neurite growth from a subset of NGF-dependent neurons by a p75(NTR)-dependent mechanism. Development 140: 2108-2117

Collins LM, O'Keeffe GW, Long-Smith CM, Wyatt SL, Sullivan AM, Toulouse A, Nolan YM (2013) Mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphatase (MKP)-1 as a neuroprotective agent: promotion of the morphological development of midbrain dopaminergic neurons. Neuromolecular Med 15 (2):435-46

Gutierrez H, Kisiswa L, O'Keeffe  GW, Smithen MJ,  Wyatt S, Davies AM (2013). Regulation of neurite growth by tumour necrosis superfamily member RANKL Open Biology  3: 120150

Wyatt SL, Spori B, Vizard TN, Davies AM (2011). Selective regulation of nerve growth factor expression in developing cutaneous tissue by early sensiory innervation. Neural Dev.  6:18

Franklin SL, Davies AM, Wyatt S (2009). Macrophage stimulating protein is a neurotrophic factor for a sub-population of adult nociceptive sensory neurons. Mol Cell Neurosci 41(2):175-85

Forgie A, Wyatt S, Correll PH, Davies AM (2003). Macrophage stimulating protein is a target-derived neurotrophic factor for developing sensory and sympathetic neurons. Development. 130(5):995-1002

Cowen T, Woodhoo A, Sullivan CD, Jolly R, Crutcher KA, Wyatt S, Michael GJ, Orike N, Gatzinsky K, Thrasivoulou C (2003). Reduced age-related plasticity of neurotrophin receptor expression in selected sympathetic neurons of the rat. Aging Cell. 2(1):59-69

Middleton G, Wyatt S, Ninkina N, Davies AM (2001). Reciprocal developmental changes in the roles of Bcl-w and Bcl-x(L) in regulating sensory neuron survival. Development 128(3): 447-57

Doxakis E, Wyatt S, Davies AM (2000). Depolarisation causes reciprocal changes in GFR(alpha)-1 and GFR(alpha)-2 receptor expression and shifts responsiveness to GDNF and neurturin in developing neurons. Development 127(7):1477-87

Middleton G, Hamanoue M, Enokido Y, Wyatt S, Pennica D, Jaffray E, Hay RT, Davies AM (2000). Cytokine-induced nuclear factor kappa B activation promotes the survival of developing neurons. J Cell Biol 148(2):325-32

Enokido Y, Wyatt S, Davies AM (1999). Developmental changes in the response of trigeminal neurons to neurotrophins: influence of birthdate and the ganglion environment. Development 126(19):4365-73

Wyatt S, Middleton G, Doxakis E, Davies AM (1999). Selective regulation of trkC expression by NT3 in the developing peripheral nervous system. J Neurosci. 19(15):6559-70

Wyatt S, Andres R, Rohrer H, Davies AM (1999). Regulation of neurotrophin receptor expression by retinoic acid in mouse sympathetic neuroblasts. J Neurosci. 19(3):1062-71

Wyatt S, Pinon LG, Ernfors P, Davies AM (1997). Sympathetic neuron survival and TrkA expression in NT3-deficient mouse embryos. EMBO J. 16(11):3115-23