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Dr Tim Wells 

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Selected Publications

Wells T, Davies JR, Guschina IA, Ball DJ, Davies JS, Davies VJ, Evans BAJ, Votruba M. (2012) Opa3, a novel regulator of mitochondrial function, controls thermogenesis and abdominal fat mass in a mouse model for Costeff syndrome. Human Molecular Genetics 21:4836-4844

El-Kasti MM, Wells T, Carter DA. (2012) A novel long-range enhancer regulates postnatal expression of Zeb2: Implications for Mowat Wilson syndrome phenotypes. Human Molecular Genetics 21:5429-5442

Wells T, Relkovic D, Furby HV, Guschina IA, Nishimura S, Resnick JL, Isles AR (2011) Hyperghrelinaemia, hyperphagia, food hoarding and reduced adiposity in an imprinting centre deletion mouse model of Prader-Willi syndrome.  Endocrine Abstracts, 25 (Birmingham, UK): OC4.8.  *Clinical Endocrinology Trust Prize for best abstract In Basic Research

Evans BAJ, Bull MJ, Kench RC, Fox RE, Stevenson AE, Gevers EF, Wells T (2011) The influence of leptin on trabecular architecture and marrow adiposity in growth hormone-deficient rats. Journal of Endocrinology 208:69-79

Glad CA-M, Kitchen EEJ, Russ GC, Harris SM, Davies JS, Gevers EF, Gabrielsson BG, Wells T (2011) Reverse feeding suppresses the activity of the growth hormone axis in rats and induces a pre-obesogenic state.  Endocrinology 152:869-882

 Wells T, Rough K, Carter DA (2011) Transcription mapping of embryonic rat brain reveals EGR-1 induction in SOX2+ neural progenitor cells.  Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience 4:6

Davies JS; Kotokorpi P; Eccles SR; Barnes SK; Tokarczuk PF; Allen SK; Whitworth HS; Guschina IA; Evans BAJ; Mode A; Zigman JM; Wells T (2009) Ghrelin induces abdominal obesity via GHS-R-dependent lipid retention Molecular Endocrinology 23 (6) P. 914-924

Stevenson AE, Evans BAJ, Gevers EF, Elford C, McLeod RWJ, Perry MJ, El-Kasti MM, Coschigano KT, Kopchick JJ, Evans SL, Wells T (2009) American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism 296 (1) P. e147-e156

Davies, JS; Gevers, EF; Stevenson, AE; Coschigano, KT; El-Kasti, MM;  Bull, MJ;  Elford, Ce;   Evans, BAJ;   Kopchick, JJ; Wells, T (2007) Adiposity profile in the dwarf rat: an unusually lean model of profound growth hormone deficiency American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism 292 (5) P.e1483-e1494

Mansergh, FC; Wells, T; Elford, C; Evans, SL Perry, MJ.  Evans, MJ;  Evans, BAJ (2007) Osteopenia in Sparc (osteonectin)-deficient mice: characterization of phenotypic determinants of femoral strength and changes in gene expression Physiological Genomics 32 (1) P. 64-73

Martini, AC; Fernandez-Fernandez R, Tovar S, Navarro VM, Vigo E, Vazquez MJ, Davies JS, Thompson NM, Aguilar E, Pinilla L, Wells T, Dieguez C, Tena-Sempere M (2006) Comparative analysis of the effects of ghrelin and unacylated ghrelin on luteinizing hormone secretion in male rats Endocrinology 147 (5) P. 2374-2382

Huerta-Ocampo, I; Christian, HC; Thompson, NM; El-Kasti MM; Wells T (2005) The intermediate lactotroph: a morphologically distinct, ghrelin-responsive pituitary cell in the dwarf (dw/dw) rat Endocrinology 146 (11) P.5012-5023

Davies, JS; Carter, DA; Wells, T (2004) Photic stimulation inhibits growth hormone secretion in rats: a hypothalamic mechanism for transient entrainment Endocrinology 145 (6) P. 2950-2958

Thompson NM, Gill DAS, Davies R, Loveridge N, Houston PA, Robinson ICAF, Wells T (2004) Ghrelin and des-octanoyl ghrelin promote adipogenesis directly in vivo by a mechanism independent of the type 1a growth hormone secretagogue receptor Endocrinology 145 (1) P: 234-242

Thompson NM, Davies JS, Mode A, Houston PA, Wells T (2003) Pattern-dependent suppression of growth hormone (GH) pulsatility by ghrelin and GH-releasing peptide-6 in moderately GH-deficient rats Endocrinology 144 (11) P. 4859-4867

Evans, B; Warner, JT; Elford, C; Evans SL, Laib A, Bains RK, Gregory JW, Wells T (2003) Morphological determinants of femoral strength in growth hormone-deficient transgenic growth-retarded (TGR) rats Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 18 (7) P.1308-1316