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Prof Andy Weightman  -  PhD

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Selected Publications

Webster, G., Blazejak, A., Cragg, B.A., Schippers, A., Sass, H., Rinna, J., Tang, X.H., Mathes, F., Ferdelman, T.G., Fry, J.C., Weightman A.J., Parkes R.J. (2009). Subsurface microbiology and biogeochemistry of a deep, cold-water carbonate mound from the Porcupine Seabight (IODP Expedition 307). Environmental Microbiology 11:239-257.

Parkes, R.J., Sellek, G., Webster, G., Martin, D., Anders, E., Weightman, A.J., and Sass, H. (2009). Culturable prokaryotic diversity of deep, gas hydrate sediments: first use of a continuous high-pressure, anaerobic, enrichment and isolation system for subseafloor sediments (DeepIsoBUG). Environmental Microbiology 11:3140-3153.

Schmidberger, J.W., Wilce, J.A., Weightman, A.J., Whisstock, J.C., and Wilce, M.C.J. (2008). The crystal structure of Dehl reveals a new alpha-haloacid dehalogenase fold and active-site mechanism. Journal of Molecular Biology 378:284-294.

O'Sullivan, L.A., Weightman, A.J., Jones, T.H., Marchbank, A.M., Tiedje, J.M., and Mahenthiralingam, E. (2007). Identifying the genetic basis of ecologically and biotechnologically useful functions of the bacterium Burkholderia vietnamiensis. Environmental Microbiology 9:1017-1034.

Parkes, R.J., Cragg, B.A., Banning, N., Brock, F., Webster, G., Fry, J.C., Hornibrook, E., Pancost, R.D., Kelly, S., Knab, N., Jørgensen, B. B., Rinna, J., and Weightman, A.J.(2007). Biogeochemistry and biodiversity of methane cycling in subsurface marine sediments (Skagerrak, Denmark). Environmental Microbiology 9:1146-1161.

Webster, G., Yarram, L., Freese, E., Koster, J., Sass, H., Parkes, R.J., and Weightman, A.J. (2007). Distribution of candidate division JS1 and other Bacteria in tidal sediments of the German Wadden Sea using targeted 16S rRNA gene PCR-DGGE. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 62:78-89.

Webster, G., Watt, L.C., Rinna, J., Fry, J.C., Evershed, R.P., Parkes, R.J., and Weightman, A.J. (2006). A comparison of stable-isotope probing of DNA and phospholipid fatty acids to study prokaryotic functional diversity in sulfate-reducing marine sediment enrichment slurries. Environmental Microbiology 8:1575-1589.

Ashelford, K.E., Chuzhanova, N.A., Fry, J.C., Jones, A.J., and Weightman, A.J. (2006). New screening software shows that most recent large 16S rRNA gene clone libraries contain chimeras. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 72:5734-5741.

Kim, G.T., Webster, G., Wimpenny, J.W.T., Kim, B.H., Kim, H.J., and Weightman, A.J. (2006). Bacterial community structure, compartmentalization and activity in a microbial fuel cell. Journal of Applied Microbiology 101:698-710.

Parkes, R.J., Webster, G., Cragg, B.A., Weightman, A.J., Newberry, C.J., Ferdelman, T.G., Kallmeyer, J., Jorgensen, B.B., Aiello, I.W., and Fry, J.C. (2005). Deep sub-seafloor prokaryotes stimulated at interfaces over geological time. Nature 436:390-394.