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Dr Peter Watson  -  PhD

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Selected Publications

Reddington, S.C., Rizkallah, P.J., Watson, P.D., Pearson, R., Tippmann, E.M., and Jones, D.D. (2013) Different photochemical events of a genetically encoded phenyl azide define and modulate GFP fluorescence. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 52(23):5974-7.

Cleal, K., He, L., Watson, P.D., and Jones, A.T. (2013) Endocytosis, Intracellular Traffic and Fate of Cell Penetrating Peptide Based Conjugates and Nanoparticles. Current Pharmaceutical Design 19(16):2878-94.

Pope, I., Langbein, W., Watson, P., and Borri, P. (2013) Simultaneous hyperspectral differential-CARS, TPF and SHG microscopy with a single 5 fs Ti:Sa laser. Optics Express 21(6):7096-7106.

Pope, I., Langbein, W., Borri, P., and Watson, P. (2012) Live Cell Imaging with Chemical Specificity Using Dual Frequency CARS Microscopy. Methods Enzymol. 504:273-91.

Pope, I., Langbein, W., Borri, P., and Watson, P. (2011) CARS imaging for high throughput microscopy. Biotech international 23:11–13.

Spooner, R.A. and Watson, P. (2010) Drug Targeting: Learning from toxin entry and trafficking in mammalian cells. Current Opinion in Drug Discovery and Development. 13(1):86-95.

Hughes, H., Schmidt, K., Budnik, A., Noakes, C., Johnson,A., Carter, D.A., Verkade, P., Watson, P. and Stephens, D.J. (2009) Organization of human endoplasmic reticulum exit sites: localization of Sec16 to transitional ER. Journal of Cell Science 122(Pt 16):2924-34.

Rocha-Mendoza, I., Langbein, W., Watson, P. and Borri, P. (2009) Differential coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy with linearly-chirped femtosecond laser pulses. Optics Letters 34(15):2258-60.

Masia, F., Langbein, W., Watson, P. and Borri, P. (2009) Resonant four-wave mixing of gold nanoparticles for three-dimensional cell microscopy. Optics Letters 34(12):1816-8.

Watson, P. (2009) Live cell imaging in target and drug discovery Drug News Perspect. 22(2):69-79.

Shimshoni, J.A., Dalton, E.C., Watson, P., Yagen, B., Bialer, M. and  Harwood, A.J. (2009) Evaluation of the effects of propylisopropylacetic acid (PIA) on neuronal growth cone morphology. Neuropharmacology 56:4 831-837.

Spooner, R.A., Watson, P., Smith, D.C., Boal, F., Amessou, M., Johannes, L., Clarkson, G.J., Lord, J.M., Stephens, D.J., and Roberts, L.M. (2008) The secretion inhibitor Exo2 perturbs trafficking of Shiga toxin between endosomes and the trans-Golgi network. Biochem J. 414:471-84.

Wakana, Y., Takai, S., Nakajima, K., Tani, K., Yamamoto, A., Watson, P., Stephens, D.J., Hauri, H., and Tagaya, M. (2008) Bap31 Is an Itinerant Protein that Moves between the Peripheral ER and a Juxtanuclear Compartment Related to ER-associated Degradation. MBC 19(5):1825-1836.