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Dr Robert Thomas 

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Thomas R.J., Lello, J. & Vaughan, I.P. (2013) “Data Analysis with R Statistical Software: a Guidebook for Scientists”. Eco-explore, Caerphilly, UK.

Selected Publications

A Spanish gatekeeper butterfly

Seward, A.M. Beale, C.M., Gilbert, L., Jones, T.H., Thomas, R.J. (2013) The impact of increased food availability on survival of a long-distance migratory bird. Ecology 94 221-230

Medeiros, R.M., King, R.A., Symondson, W.O.C., Cadiou, B., Zonfrillo, B., Bolton, M., Morton, R., Howell, S., Clinton, A., Felgueiras, M., & Thomas, R.J. (2012) Molecular evidence for gender differences in the migratory behaviour of a small seabird. PLOS One 7 e46330

Richards, E.L., Thomas, R.J., Marples, N.M., Snellgrove, D.L., & Cable, J. (2011) The expression of dietary conservatism in solitary and shoaling 3-spined sticklebacks Gasterosteus aculeatus Behavioral Ecology 22 738-744.

Thomas, R.J., King, T.A., Forshaw, H.E. Marples, N.M. Speed, M. & Cable, J. (2010) The response of fish to novel prey: evidence that dietary conservatism is not restricted to birds. Behavioral Ecology 21 669-675.

Photo of a robin.

Thomas, R.J., Székely, T., Powell, R. & Cuthill, I.C (2006) Eye size, foraging strategy and the timing of foraging in shorebirds. Functional Ecology 20 157-165.

Marples ,N.M., Kelly, D.J. & Thomas, R.J. (2005) The evolution of warning colouration is not paradoxical. Evolution 59 933-940.

Thomas, R.J., Marples, N.M., Cuthill, I.C., Takahashi, M. & Gibson, E.A. (2003) Dietary conservatism may facilitate the initial evolution of aposematism. Oikos 101 458-466.

Thomas, R.J., Cuthill, I.C., Goldsmith, A.R., Cosgrove, D.F., Lidgate, H.C. & Burdett Proctor, S.L. (2003) The trade-off between singing and mass-gain in a daytime-singing bird: the European robin. Behaviour 140 387-404.

Little Tern Chick

Thomas, R.J., Székely, T, Cuthill, I.C., Harper, D.G.C., Newson, S.E., Frayling, T.D., & Wallis, P.D. (2002) Eye size in birds and the timing of song at dawn. Proceedings of the Royal Society, B. 269 831-837.

Thomas, R.J. (2002) The costs of singing in nightingales. Animal Behaviour 63 959-966.

Thomas, R.J. & Cuthill, I.C. (2002) Body mass regulation and the daily singing routines of European robins. Animal Behaviour 63 285-295.

Lindholm, A.K. & Thomas, R.J. (2000) Differences between populations of reed warblers in defences against brood parasitism. Behaviour 137 25-42.