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Dr Matt Smalley 

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Selected Publications

Melchor L, Molyneux G, Mackay A, Magnay F, Atienza M, Kendrick H, Nava-Rodrigues D, López-García MA, Milanezi F, Greenow K, Robertson D, Palacios J, Reis-Filho JS, Smalley MJ (2014) Identification of Cellular and Genetic Drivers of Breast Cancer Heterogeneity in Genetically Engineered Mouse Tumour Models doi: 10.1002/path.4345

J.L. Regan, T. Sourisseau, K. Soady, H. Kendrick, A. McCarthy, C. Tang, K. Brennan, S. Linardopoulos, D. White and M.J. Smalley (2013). AuroraA Kinase Regulates Mammary Epithelial Cell Fate by Determining Mitotic Spindle Orientation in a Notch-dependent Manner. Cell Reports 4:110-123.

M. Zvelebil, E. Oliemuller, Q. Gao, O. Wansbury, A. Mackay, H. Kendrick, M.J. Smalley, J.S. Reis-Filho and B.A. Howard (2013). Embryonic Mammary Signature Subsets are Activated in Brca1-/- and Basal-like Breast Cancers. Breast Cancer Research R25.

E.S. Milani, H. Brinkhaus, R. Dueggeli, I. Klebba, U. Mueller, M. Stadler, H. Kohler, M.J. Smalley and M. Bentires-Alj (2013). Protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B restrains mammary alveologenesis and secretory differentiation. Development 140:117-125.

M.J. Smalley, L. Piggott and R. Clarkson (2012). Breast cancer stem cells: Obstacles to therapy. Cancer Letters advanced online publication PMID: 22554712.

S. Gastaldi, F. Sassi, P. Accornero, D. Torti, F. Galimi, G. Migliardi, G. Molyneux, T. Perera, P.M. Comoglio, C. Boccaccio, M.J. Smalley, A. Bertotti A and L. Trusolino L. (2012). Met signaling regulates growth, repopulating potential and basal cell-fate commitment of mammary luminal progenitors: implications for basal-like breast cancer. Oncogene 32:1428-1440.

S. Hopkins, E. Linderoth, O. Hantschel, P. Suarez-Henriques, G. Pilia, H. Kendrick, M.J. Smalley, G. Superti-Furga and I. Ferby (2012). Mig6 is a sensor of EGF receptor inactivation that directly activates c-Abl to induce apoptosis during epithelial homeostasis. Dev Cell 23:547-559.

M.J. Smalley, H. Kendrick, J.M. Sheridan, J.L. Regan, M.D. Prater, G.J. Lindeman, C.J. Watson, J.E. Visvader and J. Stingl (2012). Isolation of mouse mammary epithelial subpopulations: A comparison of leading methods. J Mammary Gland Biol Neoplasia 17:91-97.

J.L. Regan, H. Kendrick, F. Magnay, V. Vafaizadeh, B. Groner and M.J. Smalley (2012). c-Kit is required for growth and survival of the cells of origin of Brca1-mutation-associated breast cancer. Oncogene 31:869-883.

O. Wansbury, A. Mackay, N. Tomita, C. Mitsopoulos, H. Kendrick, K. Davidson, C. Ruhrberg, J.S. Reis-Filho, M.J. Smalley, M. Zvelebil and B.A. Howard (2011). Transcriptomic Analysis of Embryonic Mammary Cells Reveals Insights into Inductive Signaling and Lineage Commitment. Breast Cancer Research 13:R79.

G. Molyneux and M.J. Smalley (2011). The cell of origin of BRCA1 associated breast cancer: a cautionary tale of gene expression profiling. J Mammary Gland Biol Neoplasia 16:51-55.

G. Molyneux, F. Geyer, F. Magnay, A. McCarthy, H. Kendrick, R. Natrajan, A. MacKay, A. Grigoriadis, A. Tutt, A. Ashworth, J.S. Reis-Filho and M.J. Smalley (2010). Brca1 basal-like breast cancers originate from luminal epithelial progenitors not from basal stem cells. Cell Stem Cell 7:403-417.

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B. Evers, E.N. Speksnijder, E. Schut, M. Ciampricotti, M.J. Smalley, P.W.B. Derksen, J. Jonkers and K.E. de Visser (2010). A tissue reconstitution model to study cancer cell-intrinsic and -extrinsic factors in mammary tumorigenesis. J Pathol 220:34-44.

C.M. Alexander, J. Puchalski, K.S. Klos, N. Badders, L. Ailles, C.F. Kim, P. Dirks and M.J. Smalley (2009). Criteria for publishing flow cytometric analyses of solid tissues: stem cell separations. Cell Stem Cell 5:579-583.

K. Britt, H. Kendrick, J.L. Regan, G. Molyneux, F. Magnay, A. Ashworth and M.J. Smalley (2009). Pregnancy in the mature adult mouse does not alter the proportion of mammary epithelial stem/progenitor cells. Breast Cancer Research 11:R20.

H. Kendrick, J.L. Regan, F. Magnay, A. Grigoriadis, C. Mitsopoulos, M. Zvelebil and M.J. Smalley (2008). Transcriptome analysis of mammary epithelial subpopulations identifies novel determinants of lineage commitment and cell fate. BMC Genomics 9:591.

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K.E. Sleeman, H. Kendrick, A. Ashworth, C.M. Isacke and M.J. Smalley (2006). CD24 staining of mouse mammary gland cells defines luminal epithelial, myoepithelial/basal and non-epithelial cells. Breast Cancer Research 8(1):R7.

M.J. Smalley and R. Clarke (2005). The mammary gland ‘Side Population’: A putative stem/progenitor marker? Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia 10(1):37-47.

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L. Ciani, O. Krylova, M.J. Smalley, T.C. Dale and P.C. Salinas (2004). A divergent canonical WNT-signalling pathway regulates microtubule dynamics: Dishevelled signals locally to stabilize microtubules. J Cell Biol 164 (2):243-253.

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