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Dr Hannah Shaw  -  PhD

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Full articles

Moxham BJ, Shaw HM, Crowson R, Plaisant O. (2011) The Future of Clinical Anatomy. European Journal of Anatomy.  15 (1):5-22.

Williams R, Khan IM, Richardson K, Nelson L, McCarthy HE, Analbelsi T, Singhrao SK, Dowthwaite GP, Jones RE, Baird DM, Lewis H, Roberts S, Shaw HM, Dudhia J, Fairclough J, Briggs T, Archer CW (2010) Identification and clonal characterisation of a progenitor cell sub-population in normal human articular cartilage. PLoS One. Oct 14; 5(10):e13246.

Shaw HM, Vázquez OT, McGonagle D, Bydder G, Santer RM, Benjamin M. (2008) Development of the human Achilles tendon enthesis organ. Journal of Anatomy. Dec; 213 (6):718-24.

Shaw HM, Santer RM, Watson AH, Benjamin M. (2007) Adipose tissue at entheses: the innervation and cell composition of the retromalleolar fat pad associated with the rat Achilles tendon. Journal of Anatomy. Oct; 211(4):436-43.

Shaw HM, Benjamin M. (2007) Structure-function relationships of entheses in relation to mechanical load and exercise. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports. Aug; 17(4):303-15.

Poster and conference presentations

Moxham BJ, Shaw HM, Crowson R, Plaisant O. (2009) Attitudes of Medical Students towards the Teaching of Gross (Topographical) Anatomy in a Clinical Context. 17th Congress of the International federation for the Association of Anatomists.

Shaw HM, Santer RM, Watson AHD, Benjamin M. (2008) Could the fat pad of the rat Achilles tendon enthesis organ function as an immune organ? Journal of Anatomy:  212 (1) 83-83

Shaw HM, Santer RM, Watson AHD, Benjamin M. (2007) The structure and innervation of the muscular origin of tibialis anterior in the rat Journal of Anatomy: 210 (5) 628-62

Shaw HM, Milz S, Buettner A, Santer RM, Watson AHD, Benjamin M. (2006) .The innervation of Kager's fat pad in man Journal of Anatomy: 209 (4) 579-579.