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Prof Anne Rosser  -  PhD, FRCP

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Selected Publications

Kelly CM, Precious SV, Scherf C, Penketh R, Amso NN, Battersby A, Allen ND, Dunnett SB, Rosser AE (2009) Neonatal desensitization allows long-term survival of neural xenotransplants without immunosuppression. Nat Methods. 6(4):271-3.

Kelly CM, Precious SV, Penketh R, Amso N, Dunnett SB, Rosser AE (2007)  Fetal Neural Precursors Yield more Extensive Efferent Connections than Primary Fetal cells in both Striatal Allograft and Striatal Xenograft.  Brain 130:1317-29.

N Pavese, T Andrews, D Brooks, A Ho, AE Rosser, RA Barker, TW Robbins, BJ Sahakian, SB Dunnett, P Piccini (2003)  Progression of striatal and extrastriatal dopamine receptor dysfunction in Huntington’s disease: a serial 11C-raclopride PET study. Brain 126:1127-1135

Jain M, Armstrong RJ, Tyers P, Barker RA, Rosser AE. (2003) GABAergic immunoreactivity is predominant in neurons derived from expanded human neural precursor cells in vitro. Exp Neurol. Jul;182(1):113-23.

AE Rosser, RA Barker, T Harrower, C Watts, M Farrington, AK Ho, RM Burnstein, DK Menon, JH Gillard, J Pickard, and SB Dunnett and the NEST-UK consortium.  (2002) Unilateral transplantation of human primary fetal  tissue in four patients with Huntington’s disease: NEST-UK safety report ISRCTN no 36485475 J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 73:678-85

RJE Armstrong, C Watts, SB Dunnett, and AE Rosser  (2000).  Survival, neuronal differentiation, and fiber outgrowth of propagated human neural precursors grafts in an animal model of Huntington’s disease. Cell Transplantation 9:55-64

AE Rosser, P Tyers, & SB Dunnett (2000).  The morphological development of neurons derived from EGF and FGF-2-driven human CNS precursors depends on their site of integration in the neonatal rat brain. European Journal Neuroscience 12:2405-2413

TC Andrews, RA Weeks, N Turjanski, RN Gunn, LA Watkins, B Sahakian, JR Hodges, AE Rosser, NW Wood, and DJ Brooks. (1999) Huntington’s disease progression: PET and clinical observations. Brain 122:2353-2363

AD Lawrence, JR Hodges, AE Rosser, A Kershaw, C ffrench-Constant, DC Rubensztein, TW Robbins, BJ Sahakian (1997) Evidence for specific cognitive deficits in preclinical Huntington’s disease Brain 121:1329-1341

AD Lawrence, BJ Sahakian, JR Hodges, AE Rosser, KW Lange, TW Robbins (1996)  Executive and mnemonic functions in early Huntington's disease Brain 119:1633-1645.