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Dr Peter Randerson  -  PhD

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Selected Publications

Albuquerque, A., Białowiec, A., Randerson, P. (2014). The influence of evapotranspiration on vertical flow subsurface constructed wetland performance. Manuscript submitted to Ecological Engineering.

Albuquerque, A., Bialowiec, A., Randerson, P. (2013). The Influence of Evapotranspiration on Wastewater Constructed Wetland Treatment Efficiency. In Advances in Environmental Research, ed. J. Daniels, 163-200. ISBN: 978-1-62948-204-0. USA: Nova Publishers Inc.

Białowiec, A., Davies, L., Albuquerque, A., Randerson, P. (2012a) Nitrogen removal from landfill leachate in constructed wetlands with reed and willow: Redox potential in the root zone J. Environmental Management, 97, 22-27

Białowiec, A., Davies, L., Albuquerque, A., Randerson, P. (2012b) The influence of plants on nitrogen removal from landfill leachate in discontinuous batch shallow constructed wetland with recirculating subsurface horizontal flow Ecological Engineering, 40, 44-52

Bialowiec A., Janczukowicz, W. Randerson P. (2011) Nitrogen removal from wastewater in vertical flow constructed wetlands containing LWA/gravel layers and reed vegetation Ecological Engineering, 37 (6), 897-902

Randerson P.F., Moran C., Bialowiec A. (2011) Oxygen transfer capacity of willow (Salix viminalis L.) Biomass & Bioenergy, 35 (5), 2306-2309

Bialowiec, A., Randerson, P.F. & Kopik, A. (2010) Using fractal geometry to determine phytotoxicity of landfill leachate on willow. Chemosphere  (In press, accepted 09.02.10)

Bialowiec A., & Randerson P., (2010) Landfill leachate phyto-toxicity on willow – Salix amygdalina. Waste Management (In press, accepted 17.02.10)

Lowthe-Thomas, S.C., Slater, F.M., & Randerson, P.F. (2010) Reducing The Establishment Costs of Short Rotation Willow Coppice (SRC) - A Trial of a Novel Layflat Planting System at an Upland Site in Mid-Wales. Biomass & Bioenergy (In press, accepted 13.02.10)

Albuquerque, A., Arendacz, M., Gajewska, M. Obarska-Pempkowiak, H., Randerson, P. & Kowalik P. (2009) Removal of organic matter and nitrogen in an horizontal subsurface flow (HSSF) constructed wetland under transient loads. Water Science & Technology. 60 (7), 1677-1682

Bowker, D.W. & Randerson, P.F. (2007) Practical Data Analysis Workbook for Biosciences (3rd Edn). Pearson Education Ltd, Harlow, Essex. ISBN 9781847760333 pp 299

Randerson, P.F., Jordan, G. & Williams, H.G. (2007) The role of willow roots in sub-surface oxygenation of vegetation filter beds – mass spectrometer investigations in Wales, U.K. In: Proceedings of the Workshop on Wastewater treatment in wetlands: Theoretical and practical aspects, Starbienino, Poland 10-17 September 2005. Ecohydrology & Hydrobiology, 7 (3-4) 255-260

Randerson P.F. (2007) Water Quality and Constructed Wetlands. In: Water and Agriculture. Report from International Conference (Bertebos), 14-16 May 2006, Falkenberg, Sweden, pp 35-38. Kungl. Skogs-och Lantbruksakademiens Tidskrift 1 2007. ISBN 978-91-85205-45-5

Randerson, P.F. (2006) Constructed wetlands and vegetation filters: an ecological approach to wastewater treatment. Proceedings of 1st Conf. Environmental Best Practice (M. Luczynski, Ed.). Univ. Olsztyn, Poland, 7-10 Aug. 2006. Environmental Biotechnology, 2 (2) 78-79. ISSN 1734-4964

Randerson, P.F. & Slater, F.M. (2005) The role of willow plants in the treatment of iron-rich landfill leachate. Proc. 6th International Conf. on Environmental Engineering, 26-27 May 2005, Vilnius, Lithuania. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. (1) 420-424

Galay-Burgos, M., Winters, C., Sturzenbaum, S.R., Randerson, P.F. & Morgan, A.J. (2005) Cu and Cd effects on the earthworm Lumbricus rubellus in the laboratory: Multivariate statistical analysis of relationships between exposure, biomarkers and ecologically relevant parameters. Environmental Science & Technology, 39 (6), 1757-1763