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Dr Jim Ralphs  -  PhD

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Selected Publications

Gealy, C; Hayes, AJ; Buckwell, R; Young, RD; Caterson, B, Quantock, AJ, Ralphs, JR (2009) Actin and Type I Collagen Propeptide Distribution in the Developing Chick Cornea Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 50 (4) Pages: 1653-1658 

De Wreede, R; Ralphs, JR (2009) Deposition of Collagenous Matrices by Tendon Fibroblasts In Vitro: A Comparision of Fibroblast Behavior in Pellet Cultures and a Novel Three-Dimensional Long-Term Scaffoldless Culture System Tissue Engineering Part A 15 (9) Pages: 2707-2715

Waggett, AD; Benjamin, M; Ralphs, JR (2006) Connexin 32 and 43 gap junctions differentially modulate tenocyte response to cyclic mechanical load European Journal of Cell Biology 85 (11) Pages: 1145-1154

Ralphs, JR, Waggett, AD, Benjamin, M. (2002). Actin stress fibres and cell-cell adhesion molecules in tendons: organisation in vivo and response to mechanical loading in tendon cells in vitro. Matrix Biology 21 (1), 67-74.

Hayes, AJ, Benjamin, M and Ralphs, JR (2001) Extracellular matrix in the development of the intervertebral disc. Matrix Biology 20, 107-121.

Durrant, LA; Archer, CW; Benjamin, M; Ralphs, JR (1999) Organisation of the chondrocyte cytoskeleton and its response to changing mechanical conditions in organ culture Journal of Anatomy 194 Pages: 343-353

Hayes, AJ; Benjamin, M; Ralphs, JR (1999) Role of actin stress fibres in the development of the invertebral disc: Cytoskeletal control of extracellular matrix assembly Developmental Dynamics 215 (3) Pages: 179-189

Waggett, AD; Ralphs, JR; Kwan, APL; Woodnutt, D, Benjamin, N (1998) Characterization of collagens and proteoglycans at the insertion of the human Achilles tendon Matrix Biology 16 (8) Pages: 457-470

Benjamin, M; Ralphs, JR (1998) Fibrocartilage in tendons and ligaments – an adaptation to compressive load Journal of Anatomy 193 Pages: 481-494