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Dr Carsten Müller  -  PhD

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Selected Publications

Morton, W.J., C.T. Müller, N.Goodwin, A.R.Wilkes, and J.E. Hall (2013). Investigation of Phthalate release from Tracheal Tubes. Anaesthesia 68, 377-381.

Aros, D., Gonzalez, V., Allemann, R. K., Müller, C. T., Rosati, C. & Rogers, H. J. (2012). Volatile emissions of scented Alstroemeria genotypes are dominated by terpenes, and a myrcene synthase gene is highly expressed in scented Alstroemeria flowers. Journal of Experimental Botany 63, 2739-2752.

Burnard, D,. Hubbard, P.C., Müller, C.T., Griffiths, S.W., Andreou, D., Osselton, M.D., Canário, A.V.M & Gozlan, R.E. (2012). Chemically-mediated sexual display postures in pre-ovulatory female topmouth gudgeon,  Pseudorasbora parva. Behaviour 149, 1003-1018.

Hardege, J. D., Bartels-Hardege, H. D., Fletcher, N., Terschak, J. A., Harley, M., Smith, M. A., Davidson, L., Hayden, D., Müller, C. T., Lorch, M., Welham, K., Walther, T. & Bublitz, R. (2011). Identification of a female sex pheromone in Carcinus maenas. Marine Ecology Progress Series 436, 177-189.

Vselodod Telezhkin, Stephen P. Brazier, Ruth Mears, Carsten T. Müller, Daniela Riccardi and Paul J. Kemp (2011). Cysteine residue 911 in C-terminal tail of human BKCaa channel subunit is crucial of its activation by carbon monoxide. Pflügers Archive European Journal of Physiology 461, 665-675.

Kean, Eleanor F., Müller, Carsten T. and Chadwick, Elizabeth, A., (2011). Otter scent signals age, sex and reproductive status. Chemical Senses 36, 555-564.

Shai Markman, Carsten T. Müller, David Pascoe, Alistair Dawson and Katherine L. Buchanan (2011). Pollutants affect development in nestling starlings, Sturnus vulgaris. Journal of Applied Ecology 48, 391-397.

Inga Mewis, Iryna M. Smetanska, Carsten T. Müller & Christian Urichs (2011). Specific poly phenolic compounds in cell culture of Vitis vinifera L. cv. Gamay Fréaux. Applied Biochemistry & Biotechnology 164, 148-161.

Kirsty J. Park, Carsten T. Müller, Shai Markman, Olivia Swinscow-Hall, David Pascoe Katherine L. Buchanan (2009). Detection of endocrine disrupting chemicals in aerial invertebrates at sewage treatment works. Chemosphere 77, 1459-1464.

Singhrao, Sim K., Carsten T. Müller, Sophie J. Gilbert, Victor C. Duance & Charles W. Archer (2009).  An immunofluorescence method for post-embedded tissue in the acrylic resin Technovit 9100 New®  using fluorescein isothiocyanate secondary detection. Microscopy Reseach and Technique 72, 501-506. 

Garcia-Alonso, J., C. T. Muller & J.D. Hardege (2008). Influence of food regimes and seasonality on fatty acid composition in the ragworm. Aquatic Biology 4(1), 7-13. 

Evans, JA, Eyre, CA, Rogers, HJ, Boddy, L and Müller, CT. (2008). Changes in volatile production during interspecific interactions between four wood rotting fungi growing in artificial medium. Fungal Ecology 1, 57-68. 

Williams, Sandile E., Stephen P Brazier, Nian Baban, Vsevolod Telezhkin, Carsten T. Müller, Daniela Riccardi & Paul J. Kemp (2008). A structural motif in the C-terminal tail of slo1 confers carbon monoxide sensitivity to human BK Ca channels. Pflugers Archive – European Journal of Physiology 456, 561-572. 

Markman, Shai, Stefan Leitner, Clive Catchpole, Sara Barnsley, Carsten T. Müller, David Pascoe, Katherine L. Buchanan (2008). Pollutants Increase Song Complexity and the Volume of the Brain Area HVC in a Songbird. PLoS ONE, 3, e1674. 

Gray, V.L., C.T. Müller, I.D. Watkins & D.Lloyd (2008). Peatones from diverse sources: pivotal determinants of bacterial growth dynamics. Journal of Applied Microbiology, 104, 554-565. 

George, Christopher H., Steven R. Barberini-Jammaers & Carsten.T. Müller (2008). Refocussing therapeutic strategies for cardiac arrhythmias: defining viable molecular targets to restore cardiac ion flux drug. Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Patents, 18, 1-19.