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Prof John Morgan  -  PhD, DSc

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Selected Publications

Andre, J., R. King, R.A., Sturzenbaum, S.R., Kille, P., Hodson, M.E., Morgan, A.J. (2010). The evolution of Pb resistance by earthworms in a patchy polluted landscape: mimicking Ca and mutating an intracellular Ca transporter (SERCA). Environmental Pollution 158, 883-890. 

Plytycz, B., Lis-Molenda, U., Cygal, M., Kielbasa, E., Grebosz, A., Duchnowski, M., Andre, J., Morgan, A.J. (2009) Riboflavin content of coelomocytes in earthworm (Dendrodrilus rubidus) field populations as a molecular biomarker of soil metal pollution. Environmental Pollution 157, 3042-3050. 

Andre, J., Charnock, J., Sturzenbaum, S.R., Kille, P., Morgan, A.J., Hodson, M.E. (2009). Metal speciation in field populations of earthworms with multi-generational exposure to metalliferous soils: cell fractionation and high energy synchrotron analysis. Environmental Science and Technology 43, 6822-6829 

Sturzenbaum, S.R., Andre, J., Kille, P., Morgan, A.J. (2009). Darwin and his earthworms: genomics, proteomics and metabolomics. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 276, 789-797. 

Bundy, J.G., Keun, H., Sidhu, J.K., Spurgeon, D.J., Svendsen, C., Kille, P., Morgan, A.J. (2007). Metabolic profile biomarkers of metal contamination in a sentinel terrestrial species are applicable across multiple sites. Environmental Science and Technology 41, 4458-4464.

Jones, L., O’Reilly, M., Morgan, A.J. (2007). Responses of a non-target organism to metalliferous field soils amended by a phytoremediation-promoting chelator (EDTA): The earthworm, Eisenia fetida. European Journal of Soil Biology 43, S289- S296. 

Morgan, A.J., Kille, P., Stürzenbaum, S. (2007). Microevolution and ecotoxicology of metals in invertebrates. Environmental Science & Technology 41, 1085-1096. (‘A most cited paper of 2007’ in ES&T) 

Plytycz, B., Homa, J., Koziol, B., Różanowska. M., Morgan, A.J. (2006). Riboflavin content in autofluorescent earthworm coelomocytes is species-specific. Folia Histochemica et Cytobiologica 44, 275-280. 

Cotter-Howells, J., Kille, P., Charnock, J.M., Winters, C., Fry, J.C., Morgan, A.J. (2005). Metal coordination in earthworm cells and tissues: correlative electron probe X-ray mapping and EXAFS analyses Environmental Science and Technology 39, 7731-7740. 

Galay-Burgos, M., Winters, C., Stürzenbaum, S.R., Randerson, P.F., Kille, P., Morgan, A.J. (2005).Cu and Cd effects on the earthworm Lumbricus rubellus in the laboratory: multivariate statistical analysis of relationships between exposure, biomarkers, and ecologically relevant parameters. Environmental Science and Technology 39, 1757-1763.