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Dr Deborah Mason  -  PhD

After my BSc in Zoology and Genetics (1986) and my PhD in Evolutionary Genetics (1991) in Cardiff, I worked briefly in Medical Genetics at the University Hospital of Wales before moving to Bristol University. My research in Bristol revealed osteocyte gene expression in vivo and implicated glutamatergic signalling in mechanically-induced bone formation. Since my appointment as Lecturer in Cardiff University in 1996 (Senior Lecturer in 2009, Reader in 2012), I have investigated the role of glutamate transporters in bone, revealed a pathological role for glutamate in arthritis, and identified new pathways of cytokine- and mechanically- induced cartilage degradation involving PKR, ceramide and the cytoskeleton. I have secured over £12M of research funding for 30 projects. I co-ordinated Cardiff’s bid for the Arthritis Research UK-funded Centre of Excellence in Biomechanics and Bioengineering, where I act as a manager, and as the Biomechanics, Inflammation and Pain Team Leader.  I have served on the Bone Research Society and the British Orthopaedic Research Committees. I have supervised 11 PhD/MD students and teach undergraduate students, co-ordinating the Molecular Biology Degree Scheme in Cardiff and acting as final year tutor for all Biomolecular Degree Schemes. I regularly contribute to public engagement activities with school children, patients and fundraisers.