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Dr Emyr Lloyd-Evans 


Our current interests are:

1. Mechanisms regulating lysosomal calcium ion (Ca2+) and zinc ion (Zn2+) homeostasis in health and disease
2. Use of superparamagnetic ferrofluid to purify lysosomes
3. Function of the NPC1 protein as a lysosomal RND multi-substrate permease and it's role in tuberculosis
4. Sterol precursor inhibition of the NPC1 protein as a therapeutic target for the sterol biosynthetic disease Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome
5. Role of lysosomal dysfunction in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease
6. Mechanisms of pathogenesis and therapy development for soluble lysosomal protein diseases (MPS type II, NPC2, Tay-Sachs)

External web site for lab: 

Group Members 

Dr Karen Finn 

Dr Helen Waller-Evans  

Miss Emily Clark (PhD student)

Mr Luke Haslett (PhD student)

Miss Emily Maguire (PhD student)

Mr Mathew Walker (PhD student)

Miss Emma Goffin (placement student)

Miss Vaiva Patamsyte (MRes student)

Miss Ksenia Peterneva (visiting DPhil student from the University of Oxford)