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Dr Alvin Kwan  -  PhD

Recent Publications

Leitinger, B & Kwan, A.P.L. (2006) The discoidin domain receptor DDR2 is a receptor for type X collagen. Matrix Biol. 25, 355-364.

Luckman, S., Rees, E., and Kwan. A.P.L.(2003) Characterisations of cell and type X collagen interactions: involvement of the NC1 domain in cell binding.Biochem. J. 372, 1-9.

S.V.Webster, C. Farquharson, D. Jefferies, A.P.L. Kwan (2003) Parathyroid Hormone related Protein Gene Expression is Absent in Growth Plates in Avian Tibial Dyschondroplasia. Avian Pathology32, 69-80.

Tew, S., Redman, S., Kwan, APL, Walker, E., Khan, I., Dowthwaite, G., Thomson, B., Archer, CA (2001) Differences in repair response between immature and mature cartilage. Clin. Orth. Rel. Res. 391S, 142-152.

Masuda, R., Sakiyama H., Takashi Nonaka T., Kwan, A., Nakagawa, K., Moriya, H., Imajoh-Ohmi, S., Honjo, M., Yoshida, K. (2001) Establishment and characterization of tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (TRAP) and alkaline phosphatase (ALP) double positive cell lines. Cell & Tissue Res. 304, 351-359.

Tselepis C., Kwan APL, Thornton, D., Sheehan, J. (2000) The Biochemical Characterisation of Aggrecan From Normal and Tibial Dyschondroplastic Chicken Growth Plate Cartilage. Biochem. J. 351, 517-525.

Tew, S.R., Kwan, A.P.L., Hann, A., Thomson, B.M. and Archer, C.W. (2000) The reactions of articular cartilage to experimental wounding. Arthritis & Rheumatism 43, 215-225.

Kwan, A.P.L. (2000) Type X Collagen In “Biology of the Synovial Joint” (C.W. Archer, M. Benjamin, B. Caterson & J.R. Ralphs, eds) Chapter 10, pp 165-176, Harwood Academic Publishers.