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Dr Helen E Jones 

My particular research interests involves the role that growth factor signalling plays in promoting the growth and development of the cancer phenotype. Indeed, over-expression and activity of growth factor receptor signalling has been associated with advanced metastatic disease and both intrinsic and acquired resistance to anti-cancer treatments. My research has been concerned with investigating the role that signalling via receptors such as the epidermal growth factor receptor and insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor contribute to the growth of breast cancer cells resistant to the breast cancer drug Tamoxifen, as resistance to this treatment is a major clinical problem. 

Complementing this area, my research has also included evaluating the ability of novel signal transduction modulator (STM) drugs to target deregulated growth factor signalling in tumour cells. 

Additionally, the elucidation of mechanisms underlying intrinsic and acquired resistance to STMs has also been studied in order to improve therapies and determine rational combination treatments to prevent or delay the emergence of the resistant tumour phenotype.