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Dr Hefin Jones 

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Selected Publications

A D A’Bear, L Boddy  and T H Jones (2013)  Bottom-up determination of soil Collembola diversity and population dynamics in response to interactive climatic factors Oecologia DOI 10.1007/s00442-013-2662-3   

A D A′Bear, W Murray, R Webb, L Boddy and T H Jones (2013) Contrasting effects of elevated temperature and invertebrate grazing regulate multispecies interactions between decomposer fungi. PLOS One DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0077610 

A D A’Bear, L Boddy and T H Jones (2013) Impacts of elevated temperature on the growth and functioning of decomposer fungi are influenced by grazing collembola.  Global Change Biology 18: 1823–1832,

T W Crowther,  L Boddy and T H Jones (2012) Functional and ecological consequences of saprotrophic fungus–grazer interactions. The ISME Journal  6: 1992–2001.

Crowther, T.W., Boddy, L. and Jones, T.H. (2011) Outcomes of fungal interaction are determined by soil invertebrate grazers. Ecology Letters 14: 1134-1142

Crowther, T.W., Boddy L. and Jones, T.H. (2011) Species-specific effects of soil fauna on fungal foraging and decomposition. Oecologia, 167: 535-545.

A’Bear, A. D., Boddy, L., Raspotnig, G. and Jones, T.H. (2010) Non-trophic effects of oribatid mites on cord-forming basidiomycetes in soil microcosms. Ecological Entomology, 35: 477-484.

Rotheray, T.D., Boddy, L. and Jones T.H. (2009) Collembola foraging response to interacting fungi. Ecological Entomology 34: 125 – 132

Baars, C., Jones, T.H. and Edwards, D. (2008) Microcosm studies of the role of land plants in elevating soil carbon dioxide and chemical weathering. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 22: 236 – 248

Voigt, W., Perner, J. and Jones, T.H. (2007) Using functional groups to investigate community response to environmental changes: two grassland case studies Global Change Biology 13: 1710-1721

Emmerson, M., Bezemer, T.M., Hunter, M.D. and Jones, T.H. (2005) Global change alters the stability of food webs. Global Change Biology 11:  490-501

Hartley, S.E. and Jones, T.H. (2003) Plant diversity and insect herbivores: effects of environmental change in contrasting model systems. Oikos 101: 6-17

Bradford, M.A., Jones T.H., Bardgett, R.D. et al. (2002) Impacts of soil faunal community composition on model grassland ecosystems. Science 298: 615-618

Bradford, M.A., Tordoff, G.M., Eggers, T., Newington, J. and Jones, T.H. (2002) Microbiota, fauna, and mesh size interactions in litter decomposition. Oikos 99: 317-323

Frouz, J., Novakova, A. and Jones, T.H. (2002) The effect of high atmospheric CO2 on soil fungi-invertebrate interactions. Global Change Biology 8: 339-344

Walker, M. and Jones, T.H. (2001) Relative roles of top-down and bottom-up forces in terrestrial tritrophic plant-insect herbivore-natural enemy systems. Oikos 93: 177-187

Jones, T.H., Thompson, L.J., Lawton, J.H. et al. (1998) Impacts of rising atmospheric carbon dioxide on model terrestrial ecosystems.  Science 280: 441-443