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Dr D. Dafydd Jones  -  PhD

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Selected Publications

Reddington SC, Rizkallah PJ, Watson PD, Pearson R, Tippmann EM & Jones DD. (2013). Different Photochemical Events of a Genetically Encoded Phenyl Azide Define and Modulate GFP Fluorescence. Angew Chem Int Ed 52, 5974-7

Della Pia EA, Chi Q, Macdonald JE, Ulstrup J, Jones DDa & Elliotta. Fast electron transfer through a single molecule natively-structured redox protein. Nanoscale 4, 7106-7113. (Classified as a “Hot” article by the journal). a joint corresponding authors. 

Arpino JAJ, Czapinska H, Piasecka H, Edwards WR, Barker PD, Gajda M, Bochtler M & Jones DD. (2012) Structural basis for efficient chromophore communication and energy transfer in a constructed didomain protein scaffold. J Am Chem Soc 134, 13632-40.

Reddington S, Tippmann EM & Jones DD. Residue Choice Defines Efficiency and Influence of Bioorthogonal Protein Modification Via Genetically Encoded Strain Promoted Click Chemistry. Chem Comm 48, 8419-21

Della Pia EA, Macdonald EJ, Elliot M & Jones, D.D. (2012). Direct binding of a redox protein for single molecule electron transfer measurements. Small 8, 2341-4.

Della Pia EA, Elliott Ma, Jones DDa, & Macdonald JE (2012) Orientation-Dependent electron transport in a single redox protein. ACS Nano 6, 355-61. a joint corresponding authors. Perspective on this article in same issue.

Gamble M, Kunze G, Dodson EJ, Wilson KS & Jones DD. (2011) Regulation of an intracellular subtilisin protease activity. Proc Natl Acad Sci 108, 3536-41.

Della Pia, E., Chi, Q.a, Jones, D.D.a, Macdonald, E.J., Ulstrup, J. and Elliot, M. (2011) Single-molecule mapping of long-range electron transport for a cytochrome b562 variant. Nano Letters 11, 176-82. a joint corresponding authors.

Edwards WR, Williams AJ, Morris JL, Allemann RK & Jones DD (2010) Regulation of b-lactamase activity by remote binding of heme: functional coupling of unrelated proteins through domain insertion. Biochemistry 49, 6541-9.

Stott KM, Yusof AM, Perham RN & Jones DD (2009). A surface loop directs conformational switching of a lipoyl domain between a folded and a novel misfolded structure. Structure 17, 1117-27

Baldwin AJ, Busse K, Simm AM & Jones DD (2008). Expanded molecular diversity generation during directed evolution by trinucleotide exchange. Nucleic Acids Research. 36, e77

Edwards WR, Busse K, Allemann RK & Jones DD (2008). Linking the functions of unrelated proteins using a novel directed evolution domain insertion method. Nucleic Acids Research. 36, e78