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Dr Benoît Goossens 

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English M, Gillespie G, Ancrenaz M, Ismail S, Goossens B, Nathan S, Linklater W, 2014. Plant selection and avoidance by the Bornean elephant (Elephas maximus borneensis) in tropical forest: does plant recovery rate after herbivory influence food choices? Journal of Tropical Ecology 30: 371-379.

Abram NK, Xofis P, Tzanopoulos J, Macmillan DC, Ancrenaz M, Chung R, Peter L, Ong R, Lackman I, Goossens B, Ambu L, Knight AT (2014) Synergies for improving oil palm production and forest conservation in floodplain landscapes. PLoS ONE 9(6): e95388.

Gregory SD, Ancrenaz M, Brook BW, Goossens B, Alfred R, Ambu LN, Fordham DA (2014) Forecasts of habitat suitability improve habitat corridor efficacy in rapidly changing environments. Diversity and Distributions. DOI: 10.1111/ddi.12208.

Miller J, Schilthuizen M, Burmester J, Van der Graaf l, Merckx V, Jocque M, Kessler P, Fayle T, Breeschoten T, Broeren R, Bouman R, Chua W, Feijen F, Fermont T, Groen K, Groen M, Kil N, De Laat H, Moerland M, Moncoquet C, Panjang E, Philip A, Roca-Eriksen R, Rooduijn B, Van Santen M, Swakman V, Evans M, Evans l, Love K, Joscelyne S, Tober A, Wilson H, Ambu L, Goossens B (2014) Dispatch from the field: ecology of ground-web-building spiders with description of a new species (Araneae, Shymphytognathidae). Biodiversity Data Journal 2: e1076.

Ancrenaz M, Sollmann R, Meijaard E, Hearn AJ, Ross J, Samejima H, Loken B, Cheyne SM, Stark DJ, Gardner PC, Goossens B, Mohamed A, Bohm T, Matsuda I, Nakabayasi M, Lee SK, Bernard H, Brodie J, Wich S, Fredriksson G, Hanya G, Harrison ME, Kanamori T, Kretzschmar P, Macdonald DW, Riger P, Spehar S, Ambu LN, Wilting A, 2014. Coming down from the trees: Is terrestrial activity in Bornean orangutans natural or disturbance driven? Scientific Reports 4: 4024

Robins JG, Ancrenaz M, Parker J, Goossens B, Ambu L, Walzer C, 2013. The release of northeast Bornean orangutans to Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Sabah, Malaysia. Pp 215-221. In: Global Re-introduction Perspectives: 2013. Further case-studies from around the globe (Soorae PS ed). Gland, Switzerland: IUCN/SSC Re-introduction Specialist Group and Abu Dhabi, UAE: Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi

Greminger MP, Stolting KN, Nater A, Goossens B, Arora N, Bruggmann R, Patrignani A, Nussberger B, Sharma R, Kraus RHS, Ambu LN, Singleton I, Chikhi L, Van Schaik CP, Krutzen M, 2014. Generation of SNP datasets for orangutan population genomics using improved reduced-representation sequencing and direct comparisons of SNP calling algorithms. BMC Genomics 15: 16

Roper KM, Scheumann M, Wiechert AK, Nathan SKSS, Goossens B, Owren MJ, Zimmermann E, 2014. Vocal acoustics in the endangered proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus). American Journal of Primatology 76(2): 192-201

Munds RA, Ali R, Nijman V, Nekaris Kai, Goossens B (2013) Living together in the night: abundance and habitat use of sympatric and allopatric populations of slow lorises and tarsiers. Endangered Species Research 22: 269-277

Goossens B, Salgado-Lynn M, 2013. Advances and difficulties of molecular tools for carnivore conservation in the tropics. The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 28: 43-53

Hing S, Othman N, Nathan SKSS, Fox M, Fisher M, Goossens B, 2013. First parasitological survey of endangered Bornean elephants Elephas maximus borneensis. Endangered Species Research 21(3): 223-230

Renaud A, Jamart A, Goossens B, Ross C, 2013. A longitudinal study on feeding behaviour and activity patterns of released chimpanzees in Conkouati-Douli National Park, Republic of Congo. Animals 3: 532-550

Goossens B, Salgado-Lynn M, Japning JRR, Ahmad AH, Payne J, Zainuddin ZZ, Nathan SKSS, Ambu L (2013) Genetic resource banking: the last stand for the Sumatran rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis). Oryx 47(3):340-3  

Sharma R, Goossens B, Kun-Rodrigues C, Teixeira T, Othman N, Boone JQ, Jue NK, Obergfell C, O'Neill RJ, Chikhi L, (2012) Two different high throughput sequencing approaches identify thousands of de novo genomic markers for a non-model species, the Bornean elephant (Elephas maximus borneensis). PLOS ONE 7(11) e49533

Sharma R, Arora N, Goossens B, Nater A, Morf N, Salmona J, Bruford MW, Van Schaik CP, Kruetzen M, Chikhi L, (2012) Effective population size dynamics and the demographic collapse of Bornean orang-utans. PLOS ONE 7(11): e49429

Wich S, Gaveau D, Abram N, Ancrenaz M, Baccini A, Brend S, Curran L, Delgado R, Erman A, Fredriksson G, Goossens B, Husson S, Lackman I, Marshall A, Naomi A, Molidena E, Nardiyono, Nurcahyo, Odom K, Panda A, Purnomo, Rafiastanto A, Ratnasari D, Santana A, Sapari I, van Schaik C, Siite J, Spehar S, Susanto E, Suyoko A, Tiju A, Usher G, Utami Atmoko SS, Willems E, Meijaard E (2012) Understanding the impacts of land-use policies on a threatened species: is there a future for the Bornean orang-utan? Public Library of Science (PLoS) ONE 7(11): e49142

Estes JG, Othman N, Ismail S, Ancrenaz M, Goossens B, Ambu L, Estes A, Palmiotto P (2012) Assessing available elephant habitat and human-elephant conflict risk in the Lower Kinabatangan floodplain of Sabah, Malaysia. Public Library of Science (PLoS) ONE 7(10): e44601

Gwilliams C, Preece A, Hardisty A, Goossens B, Ambu LN (2012) Local and global knowledge to improve the quality of sensed data. International Journal of Cyber-Security and Digital Forensics 1(3): 177-193

Gregory SD, Brook BW, Goossens B, Ancrenaz M, Raymond A, Ambu LN, Fordham DA (2012) Long-term field data and climate-habitat models show that orangutan persistence depends on effective forest management and greenhouse gas mitigation. Public Library of Science (PLoS) ONE 7(9): e43846

Gillespie GR, Ahmad E, Elahan B, Evans A, Ancrenaz M, Goossens B, Scroggie MP (2012) Conservation of amphibians in Borneo: relative value of secondary tropical forest and non-forest habitats. Biological Conservation 152: 136-144

Nietlisbach P, Arora N, Nater A, Goossens B, Van Schaik CP, Kruetzen M (2012) Heavily male-biased long distance dispersal of orang-utans (genus: Pongo), as revealed by Y chromosomal and mitochondrial genetic markers. Molecular Ecology 21(13): 3173-3186

Alfred R, Ahmad AH, Payne J, Williams C, Ambu LN, How PM, Goosens B (2012) Home range and ranging behaviour of Bornean elephant (Elephas maximus borneensis) females. Public Library of Science (PLoS) ONE 7(2): e31400

Stark D, Nijman V, Lhota S, Robins JG, Goossens B, (2012) Modeling population viability of local proboscis monkey Nasalis larvatus populations: conservation implications. Endangered Species Research 16: 31-43

Muya SM, Muigai AWT, Bruford MW, Osiemo ZB, Mwachiro E, Oita-Ouma B, Goossens B, (2011) Substantial molecular variation and low genetic structure in the Kenya’s black rhinoceros: implications for conservation. Conservation Genetics 12(6): 1575-1588

Nater A, Nietlisback P, Arora N, Van Schaik CP, Van Noordwijk M, Singleton I, Wich SA, Goossens B, Warren KS, Verschoor EJ, Perwitasari-Farajallah D, Pamungkas J, Krutzen M (2011) New perspectives on phylogeographic patterns and population history of orangutans (Genus: Pongo), based on mtDNA and Y-chromosomal data. Molecular Biology and Evolution 28(8): 2275-2288

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Bruford MW, Ancrenaz M, Chikhi L, Lackman-Ancrenaz I, Andau M, Ambu L, Goossens B (2010) Projecting genetic diversity and population viability for the fragmented orang-utan population in the Kinabatangan floodplain, Sabah, Malaysia. Endangered Species Research 12: 249-261

Chikhi L, Sousa VC, Luisi P, Goossens B, Beaumont MA (2010) The confounding effects of population structure, genetic diversity and the sampling scheme on the detection and quantification of population size changes. Genetics 186: 983-995

Salgado-Lynn M, Stanton DWG, Sakong R, Cable J, Goossens B, Bruford MW (2010) Microsatellite markers for the proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus). Conservation Genetics Resources 2: 159-163

Le Hellaye Y, Goossens B, Jamart A, Curtis DJ (2010) Acquisition of fission-fusion social organization in a chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes troglodytes) community released into the wild. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 64(3): 349-360

ZHAN X, TAO Y, LI M, ZHANG Z, GOOSSENS B, CHEN Y, WANG H, BRUFORD M, WEI F (2009) Accurate population size estimates are vital parameters for conserving the giant panda. Ursus 20(1): 56-62

ANDRES O, RONN A-C, BONHOMME M, KELLERMANN T, CROUAU-ROY B, DOXIADIS G, VERSCHOOR EJ, GOOSSENS B, DOMINGO-ROURA X, BRUFORD MW, BOSCH M, SYVANEN A-C (2008) A microarray system for Y-chromosomal and mitochondrial SNP analysis in chimpanzee populations.Molecular Ecology Notes 8(3): 529-539

COHAS A, YOCCOZ NG, BONENFANT C, GOOSSENS B, GENTON C, GALAN M, KEMPENAERS B, ALLAINE D (2008) The genetic similarity between pair members influences the frequency of extra-pair paternity in Alpine marmots, Marmotamarmota. Animal Behaviour76(1): 87-95

JALIL MF, CABLE J, SINYOR J, ANCRENAZ M, BRUFORD MW, GOOSSENS B (2008) Riverine effects on mitochondrial structure of Borneanorang-utans (Pongopygmaeus) at two spatial scales.Molecular Ecology17: 2898-2909

OTHMAN N, MARYATI M, AHMAD AH, NATHAN S, PIERSON HT, GOOSSENS B (2008) A preliminary study on the morphometrics of the Bornean elephant.Journal of Tropical Biology and Conservation 4(1): 109-113

JOHNSON MB, CLIFFORD SL, GOOSSENS B, NYAKAANA S, CURRAN B, WHITE LJT, WICKINGS EJ, BRUFORD MW (2007) Complex phylogeographic history of African elephants does not support a two-taxon model. BMC Evolutionary Biology 7: 244

SETCHELL JM, BEDJABAGA IB, GOOSSENS B, REED P, WICKINGS EJ, KNAPP LA (2007) Parasite prevalence, abundance and diversity in a semi-free ranging colony of mandrills (Mandrillus sphinx).International Journal of Primatology 28(6): 1345-1362

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Genotypes of HELP chimpanzees (Excel file) - Genotypes [39.5 Kb]

A document about study results from Genotype research from the School of Biosciences.