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Dr Isabelle Durance 

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Selected Publications

Morrissey C., Stanton D., Pereira, M.G., Newton J., Durance I., Tyler C., Ormerod S.J. 2013. Eurasian dipper eggs indicate elevated organohalogenated contaminants persist in urban rivers. Environmental Science & Technology 47: 8931-8939.

Merrix-Jones F.L, Thackeray S.J., Durance I. and Ormerod S.J. 2013. Spatial structure in the zooplankton of a new urban lake: resolving pattern in a heavily disturbed freshwater ecosystem. Fundamental and Applied Limnology 183: 1-14.

Ormerod S.J. and Durance I. 2013. Water Climate change report card. LWEC

Ormerod S.J. and Durance I. 2012. Understanding and managing climate change effects on river ecosystems.  The Conservation and Management of Rivers, Ed P. Boon and P. Raven, pp 107-121 Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford.

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Russell, Durance with 26 other lead authors. 2011. Status and Changes in ecosystems and their services to society: Wales. In: The UK National Ecosystem Assessment Technical Report. UK National Ecosystem Assessment, UNEP-WCMC, Cambridge.

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