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Dr Giuseppe Di Giovanni 

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Position:Honorary Senior Lecturer

Telephone:+44(0)29 208 75150
Location:Cardiff School of Biosciences, The Sir Martin Evans Building, Museum Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 3AX

Giuseppe Di Giovanni received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Chieti, Italy and was a postdoctoral fellow at Yale University, USA. Previously Senior Lecturer of Human Physiology at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Palermo, he is currently an Associate Professor of Human Physiology at the Medical School of the University of Malta. He is also an Honorary Senior Lecturer of Neuroscience at Cardiff  University, UK. 

His research focuses on understanding the pathophysiology of monoaminergic systems using electrophysiological and neurochemical approach. He has published more than 90 peer-reviewed papers, edited 7 books and 5 special issues of various journals. He is currently the biomedical researcher with the higher H-index score (28) and number of citation (more than 2200) at the University of Malta (as of November 2013, Source = 

He is the Maltese representative of the Biomedicine and Molecular Biosciences at COST, the intergovernmental framework for European Cooperation in Science and Technology in Brussels, Belgium. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious book series "The Receptors" by Springer, USA ( and serves as associate editor in neuroanatomy and neurochemestry for the Journal of Neuroscience Methods by Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands and CNS Neuroscience and Therapeutics. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Xjenza Online, the journal of the Malta Chamber of Scientists.

Neurophysiology Lab Research Group


Mr Pierucci Massimo (MT)

Mr Gergely Orban (Uni Pa, IT)

Dr Roberto Colangely (MT)


Lucy Partridge, University of Cardiff, UK.

Stephanie Chambers, University of Exeter, UK.

International Grants

Epilepsy Research UK grant N. P1202 entitled 'Serotonergic modulation of tonic GABA A inhibition: pathophysiological and therapeutic implications for absence seizures'. 3 years 150000£

Physiological Society UK. International Senior Research Grant. Dopamanine Neuronal ensemble recordings in freely moving rats. 7000£

PON (programmi operativi nazionali), Italy. "Polo Cyberbrain". Consortium (NEUROMED, IEMEST, Fondazione Nerone di Roma) 5,000,000 €